Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

We are in the full swing of Christmas preparations. Our halls are decked. The girls had fun decorating the tree, although Evie slept through most of it. Livi put the angel on top. All of my Christmas and White Elephant presents have been bought and everything but the ones from Santa are wrapped. I do have more cookies to bake and cards to hand out but that will get done soon.

I got the opportunity to help out with a special Santa event for kids with Sensory Processing Disorders. My friends NPO organized with the local mall Santa to have appointments with Santa before mall hours, when their aren’t crowds or long waits in line ups, and with scent free staff. He also did not hand out candy canes, with sugar and red dye, but stickers and goody bags filled with sensory toys. This made it a lot easier for some kids to actually visit and get a picture with Santa! It was pretty cool. When I told Livi that I was going to help Santa she didn’t believe me and demanded a picture as proof… Here you go Livi! Sorry, phone picture turned out blurry 🙂

We also got to enjoy the girls Kindergarten Christmas concert. They did AMAZING! I was so proud. Livi was excited and confident. She knew all her songs and action though she did miss a few cues because her eyes were wandering through the audience. Sofie brought tears too my eyes. She was bored in the first song but new all the actions and cues for the other three songs she sang. She didn’t miss a beat. I was so impressed… I was a little nervous as to how she would do in front of an audience.   The girls where both so proud of themselves. They had worked so hard and it showed!

Christmas is just two weeks away! Enjoy your holidays and don’t get too stressed out with all the prep! I’ll try my best not too either 🙂

11 Months!

My baby is 11 months old! I don’t know how we got here. Where did this last year go? I remember being so done with pregnancy this time last year… now I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Parts of me are very done with this baby stage. I’m not a major baby person. Another big part of me is not ready for my last baby to grow up.

Evie’s had another big month. She now has 8 teeth, the top and bottom four. She always gets them in pairs which makes her teething super annoying! She is 22.5 lbs which is down from last month but I’m not sure lasts month’s weigh in was completely accurate.

We’ve started noticing some curls in her hair when it is wet. It is not as pronounced as Livi’s was by this age but it has potential. Maybe they’ll both have curls!

Nov 9th Evie took her first step! Now she can take a bunch in a row without falling but still moves fastest when she crawls. She did this about 3 weeks earlier than Livi did as a baby.

This month had Evie having a really hard time with sleep again but these last few days she seems to have figured it out a bit. She is attaching to her blankie and falling asleep after being laid down in her crib awake. I hoping that this continues to improve.

She finally seems to be enjoying bath time. She still screams when we have to rinse her hair but she is enjoying the rest of it.

She still doesn’t talk much, besides uh oh, dada, and all done. She can say momma but would rather just whine for me. She has the whine down pat. She is very much my clingiest child. She has made strange a few times already too. Not loving that part at all. I already feel guilty enough leaving my kids every once in a while. I hate having her cry or whine on top of it.

Evie had her first halloween this month and happily say in the stroller, watching her sisters. Not sure if that’s going to cut it next year. She also was part of her first tree decorating for Christmas, but wasn’t really allowed to help 🙂 She has stayed away from the tree since yesterday when we set it up but we will see what the next month holds.

She also had her first visit with Santa! I wasn’t sure how she’d do but I think her sister’s helped. No smile but she looks happy 🙂

I’m excited for her 1 year pictures because I got the cutest little outfit for her, but I’m not loving the idea of her turning one. I’m not sure I’m ready for her to grow up yet!