Sofie is 8

My second, but oldest, child is 8 years old.

Where did the time go?! I look at her and see more teenager than baby.

She is  3’9 tall and  48 lbs. Size 6 clothing, nearly into 7. She is in typical gymnastics and swim lessons and rocking them! I love seeing her work hard. She has really improved her gross motor skills. She can swim a full meter and improving weekly, though our reasons to put her in swimming was to give her the skills to go with her fearlessness… she got some more skills but more confidence and fearlessness to go with it and scare us half to death when she jumps off the floating boat in the deep end with her sister! She’s got skills on the trampoline and tumble mat. She is talking and learning so much more this year and I am continually in awe of her.

We’ve had a very busy last 6 months but we still pulled off a birthday party where Snow White came and visited and got a few Birthday pictures. Enjoy… and Happy Birthday Angel!