A Little of This and That

I don’t really have anything to write about today. I just felt like writing something… so lets see where this goes.

Thursday nights are going to be difficult television nights. How on earth am I going to choose between watching Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, So You Think You Can Dance, and okay, I’ll admit it, Vampire Diaries? I don’t think Vampire Diaries will remain much of a contender but I do get some kind of sick enjoyment from teenage-angst filled vampire love. Currently Grey’s Anatomy is winning. It is the rerun of last years season finale. I am getting ready to cry my eyes out, again. Can’t wait for the season premier next week!

I’m generally not such a TV junkie. I usually only have one or two shows that I follow each year. I think being a stay at home mom who tends to always have the TV on no matter what I am doing has started to ruined me. I don’t know why I leave it on. I’ve done that since I was a kid. My mom does the same thing. I think I like the back ground noise, or the option to multitask so I don’t get bored. I hope my habit doesn’t turn Livi in to a TV junkie. Maybe I should cancel our cable… I think we are in a contract though. I guess I’m stuck with my original dilemma…. Grey’s, 30 Rock or SYTYCD? I am very glad that Glee has made it to the airways. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it. I love it. I think it has the potential to be my new favorite show… next to Friends of course. NOTHING will replace the fabulousness that was Friends. 

These past two weeks have been very busy for us… well, me in particular. I have worked a lot. Out of the 15 day pay period, I worked eight days I think. That is a lot for someone who is only supposed to work one maybe two shorter shifts a week. All of those days were either evenings or weekends so we wouldn’t need to get childcare. Jon and I would only see each other at home for ten minutes during the trade off. Livi has been more clingy too. I think it is probably a result of me working more. I’ve been trying to spend a lot of extra quality time with her when I am home though.

I just got a fabulous box of organic fruit and veggies from Good Earth Organics. They deliver organic food too your door. I think it is a little pricey. The medium size box goes for $35. You are obviously paying for the convience of it being delivered and the fact that it is organic. Because I signed up at Eat Fraser Valley I got $10 off my order and am not under any contract. I just order a box plus any other organic food they sell that I want, when I want. It is so convenient and the food is quite impressive. I know I can get it for cheaper at Thumpers but how much cheaper? Is anyone good at comparing prices? How much regular fruit and veggies could I get for $35? Would I save money in the long run by not going in to a grocery store as often? I know I buy things that I don’t need EVERY time I step in to a grocery store.

Livi has started her music and movement class again. We LOVE it! The full semester of classes was our birthday present to her. She loves it so much and I love seeing her participate, play, sing, dance, jump, bang, etc… It gets me very involved too which I think is really good for the both of us.

Okay, I’m starting to get emotional as I get closer to the end of the Grey’s finale. I’d better stop writing before I drip tears on the keyboard and short out the laptop!

3 thoughts on “A Little of This and That

  1. BaneofExistence says:

    Lisa and I are addicted to Glee as well. I downloaded the pilot episode like 4 months ago and HAD to make Lisa watch it, she was instantly hooked. So we are also quite happy its on and is staying fun.

    30 rock is one of our other favorites and we are constantly repeating lines to one another from the show. “WHAT THE WHAT!!!”


  2. Anthony Dyson says:

    Lisa and I are huge fans of Glee as well. I first downloaded the pilot episode like 4 months ago and knew I HAD to get Lisa to watch it, she was hooked almost instantly. We are really happy its on the air now. Such a great show.

    We are also INSANE 30Rock fans, we wont dare miss and episode and are constantly repeating lines from the show to one another. “WHAT THE WHAT!!!”


  3. LeAnna (and David) says:

    I haven't ordered an organic veggie box yet, but I know from one of my friends that although the concept was neat she eventually found that she was getting more veggies than she could use, and so it became a huge money drain.

    I like the idea of it, however.


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