Motivations for Parenting

I asked Jon the other day what I should blog about next. He asked me… What is my goal in parenting? What motivates me to parent the way that I do? Hmmm, good question. We probably should have discussed this before we had a child.

To be honest. I think there is a lot of parenting that I do with out even thinking. A lot about parenting a newborn, and now a toddler, that is just common sense. I feed her and change her diaper to keep her happy and healthy. I say “no” when she is trying to climb on the arm of the couch only to jump off of it because I want to keep her safe and alive. These are just the bare minimums that I wouldn’t think really need explaining.

Really, the main things I want for my daughter is that she be happy, healthy, and well-rounded. That is what motivates me to parent the way that I do. I believe that the values I am hopefully instilling in her through my parenting will help her to be happy and well-rounded. The healthy part is mostly out of my hands, aside from giving her a healthy diet and exercise. Becoming a parent really makes you aware of the unpredictability and power of a higher being.

I believe that some of the things that will make Livi happy are things like relationships, self-worth, compassion, understanding, knowledge, uniqueness, and authenticity. How I go about instilling these values will, I’m sure, change over the years. Right now I concentrate on making Livi feel safe and secure to explore the world around her. I play with her as much as I can, trying to teach her at the same time. I hug and kiss her as much as I can, not only because I love to but because I want her to know how loved she is. I give her boundaries, rules, and freedom all at the same time. I get her to help me with the chores… or at least be in close vicinity to where the chores are being done. I try to remember to explain things too her. I involve different kinds of safe and loving people in her life so she can grow up in a diverse, supportive, positive atmosphere and learn to trust and have compassion for others. I try to foster her talents and uniqueness, celebrating each milestone, achievement, and expression of individuality.

I’m not sure how good I am at this whole parenting thing. I know I love it with all my heart and I try my best. I know I could do some things differently or better but my motivations are pure and I hope, through the grace of God, I can properly prepare my precious baby girl for what I’m sure will be a difficult life in its own rite.

I’ll leave you with just a few more pictures…
 We had stopped off to see where Maggy’s new day program was. Everyone, of course, was gushing over her. Who wouldn’t with those adorable pig tails?
She has developped baby asthma! Before we realized it was more than just a virus, she was so tired that she was falling asleep on the floor! Livi NEVER does this! I worked hard to teach her that her crib is for sleeping and now she only sleeps in her crib. We saw the doctor that afternoon.

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