Happy Halloween!

*Sorry this is late I forgot that I hadn’t posted it yet!*

My little girl made the most pretty Little Red Riding Hood I’ve ever seen! We had fun taking her trick-or-treating at the mall with every other kid in Abbotsford! It was so busy. Livi was excited at first but she got over stimulated quite quickly. I think we only made it through one wing of the mall before she started getting stranger anxiety. She had fun though 🙂

 Auntie Sessa came too! She was dressed as Christmas Cheer. For Halloween she decorates her house for Christmas and hands out candy canes. Some of the kids get quite confused 🙂

On a side note Livi said her first… and second swear words! She was copying me both times! Oops. I guess I’ll have to start seriously watching my language. I would just like to note that I do not swear more than Jon… Livi just happened to copy me both times.

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