Still Recovering

I am still recovering. It is going a lot slower than I thought it would be. I’m not in pain anymore but I just don’t feel right. My appetite is completely gone and I feel bloated and full most of the time. After I eat, the bloating feels worse. Today was my first day without help with Livi too, so I’m a little sore from picking her up so much. I didn’t think I would still be so sore.

I didn’t make it to the gym today and I’m feeling anxious that my meal plan has completely gone out the window. I can barely eat the amount of food that Livi is eating and don’t have much energy to prepare meals. Certain foods have given me cramps too. I feel like I’m loosing my momentum to exerciser. I went to the gym yesterday to just do15 minutes of cardio. I hurt at a few points and had to relax, and I was sweating and light headed by the end of it. It was worse than my first work out! I left feeling slightly disheartened. My first weigh in is next week!

I think I need to relax about my recovery though. The nurse did say atleast two weeks before I was doing everything that I was before. I’ve always been an impatient overachiever. I figured I’d be back to normal in a week.

3 thoughts on “Still Recovering

  1. emily and mike says:

    I have two words for you : SLOW DOWN! lol.

    You sound crazy! I can't believe you are attempting cardio after surgery! Don't you still have stiches?!

    Glad to hear you are healing, although slowly. I am sure you will get your motivation back for exercising once you feel like yourself again.


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