We’re Having a Toddler!

If it is on Facebook, I guess it is official! We are having another child! No, we are not biologically pregnant. We are adopting! We started the initial paper work today! We are very excited and really feel that this is the best decision for our family.

We are hoping to bring home a chromosomally enhanced little girl the same age as Livi (meaning she’ll have Down Syndrome). We are open to a domestic adoption but we’d like to adopt internationally because that is where the biggest need is. Kids with special needs in many countries are sent to live out a miserable existence in mental institutions and we would love to be able to save a child from that. But, international adoption costs around $30,000 and we currently don’t have the money. Finances were the only thing holding us back from jumping in. So, we have enough money for the home study and that is were we are starting. We are trusting that the money will become available or a little girl in Canada needs us to be her sister, Mommy and Daddy.

This will be a long, bumpy journey… but worth taking, talking about and celebrating!

We have affectionately named our unknown daughter to be Maggy jr. 🙂

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