Potty Training Update #2

Day 6 – Livi partially pooped in the toilet for the first time! We had some friends over and one of the kids was a one year old still in diapers. He had a poopy diaper. While he was being changed, Livi also started pooping… she told me while she was going. I raced her naked body inside to the toilet (they had been in the pool) and had her finish going on the toilet! I thought we had got it all in the toilet at the time. Hooray! I’m counting that as a partial win. To my dismay when we were outside later, I had the misfortune of stepping on a  runaway turd.

Day 7 – Livi has peeing in the toilet down but she did have a pooping accident today. We cleaned it up and put it in the toilet. I was showing her where it was supposed to go, hoping she figures it out.

Today we also started trying to get Livi to pee in the toilet without her potty seat. She was having none of it. We were on a walk and happened to be close to a corner store when she had to pee. I tried to get her to use the big public toilet but I think she was too scared. She held it for 15 minutes until we got home! In the afternoon we went to hang out upstairs with Auntie Maggy and Marmee. When she had to pee I just took her to Marmee’s toilet, without the little seat. She didn’t like that and wouldn’t pee. This happened two or three times until she couldn’t hold it anymore. She peed in the big person’s toilet! Hooray! I feel much better about going out in public now.

Day 8 – We went shopping in the morning and she had to use the toilet so here was our test… she passed! Without even blinking she let me hold her up on the big toilet and peed! YAY!!! Still no accidents with peeing.

Day 9 – Livi woke up from her nap and was still wearing her diaper when I realized she was about to go poop. I scooped her up, told her to hold it in and put her on the toilet. She didn’t want to sit there and poop until I handed her one of her favorite books… and she did it! Mommy was REALLY proud. I’m hoping she has it figured out now and will tell me before she has to go poop instead of me having to read her properly.

She also had her first two accidents this day but I’m chalking them up as my fault. I was busy cleaning and unavailable to her. I didn’t immediately jump when she said she had to go so we didn’t quite make it. The second time she was in time out. She isn’t supposed to talk in time out so she ended up having an accident. She was so upset about it too. I felt pretty bad 😦 Every time out since I’ve explained to her that she can’t talk unless she has to go to the toilet.

Continuing Potty Training – Since then I’ve lost track of her progress. She is doing great though! Basically she is pee trained… with only the odd accident very occasionally. We are still working on the #2 part though. It is hit or miss with that. Thankfully she doesn’t have very messy bowel movements 🙂 We went to the Island last weekend and she stayed dry the entire trip to Port Alberni! We had used extra precautions and put her in pull-ups, but put her on the toilet every stop we made. She stayed dry! One accident on the way home because we were in the car in the ferry line-up when she told us she had to pee. Jon jumped out and threw her on his shoulder and ran. I don’t think the bladder bouncing on Daddy’s shoulder was very good for her control because half-way there Jon heard “uh oh” from Livi. I laughed 🙂

All in all, potty training has been way easier than I thought it would be. I hope any other children I have are going to be this easy! I’m not holding my breath 🙂 We haven’t attempted nap or night time training yet, I think I’ll wait until she is in a big girl bed and has conquered dressing herself.

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