I Have A 2 Year Old!

My baby girl turned 2 yesterday… Who thought I was old enough or mature enough to have a two year old?! I love my baby girl and am so thankful to be blessed as her mom. She is truly an amazing child… although definitely entering her terrible two’s!

I was looking through the pictures of Livi’s first two years and realizing that she is growing up way to fast. I know that is so cliche to say, but you truly understand it when you are watching your children grow up. I have a real little child now. She talks so much, frequently in full sentences. She does have a little bit of a lisp that is pretty cute. She is starting to get quite accomplished with feeding herself and drinking out of a real cup. A lot of the time, she prefers it if we help her because when she does it herself she gets frustrated if she spills. One of her favorite pastimes right now is jumping. She jumps all the time, everywhere, off of everything. She has become quite good at it but I’m sure a broken limb is in her future. Livi can count. She sings a lot. She is starting to learn her colors and a letters. She loves playing with other children, particularly ones who are slightly older than her. She is still my fearless little daredevil who keeps us on our toes but she is getting a little better at using caution and listening to our rules.

As per tradition, on Livi’s birthday I took her “Good Morning!” picture…

Then went out for a little mini photo shoot! I think I got a few beauties…

We a a birthday party too. It was actually a combined party for Livi’s birthday, my belated birthday and our housewarming! I think about 25 of our dearest family and friends came out to celebrate with us. We felt very loved. The weather forecast was looking pretty bleak but it turned out to be beautiful! I knew it would 🙂 The kids had a lot of fun, minimal melt downs occurred, and I think the adults enjoyed themselves too!

 Instead of a birthday cake I made adorable ladybug cake-pops… They were a hit!
“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” 
She didn’t want to wear the helmet 🙂
 Thanks everyone who came out!

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