End of Summer

I’ve been slacking on my updates because I’m still in vacation mode! I haven’t felt like blogging, so there is going to be a lot of updates in this post!

The weekend of Livi’s birthday party we also went to the PNE. It was such a fun day! Livi was an angel even with out her nap. She did fall asleep in the car on the way home though πŸ™‚ Livi, of course, loved seeing all the farm animals and the interactive Farm course was an awesome idea! Livi got to milk a cow, feel different kinds of grains, collect eggs, collect produce, sell everything she collected at the market then go to the store and buy a chocolate milk! She was a little young to really learn anything but she had fun!

The other highlight of the day, other than the mini donuts, was Superdogs! We all had fun but Livi and Jon were giddy! Livi was laughing, clapping pointing and dancing the whole time. It was pretty cute πŸ™‚

The following weekend we packed up and went to “the cabin” for some camping. It was the first time we’ve slept over there since Dad passed away. We really enjoyed ourselves except that it was SO cold! We are definitely going up earlier in the season next year. The cold actually cut our trip short.Β It was Livi’s first camping trip and she LOVED it! She loved being dirty and could usually be found rolling around on the ground.

We brought our dear friends the BK’s with us and we all ended up sleeping in the tent trailer instead of setting up the tents. Sleeping was interesting. It was the kids first time both of the kids had slept with anyone but their parents. They didn’t do too bad considering, but nap time was definitely a big game time.

Not sleeping.
 Saying Goodbye for another year 😦

Later that week we also went one last time to Dinotown before it closed its doors for good. I had gone to Dinotown often as a child, back in the day when it was still called Flinstone Park. I think it must have been better then because we could definitely see why it was going out of business. Livi had fun though!

During the rest of Jon’s vacation we went swimming at the new rec center once, did some yard work, spent lots of time relaxing and played in our back yard when it wasn’t raining! I love our back yard πŸ™‚ We have lots on our schedule for the fall and can’t wait to see how Livi continues to develop and amaze us! We have plans to finish up some yard work in preparation for next year and to get Livi and her new sister’s room finished! We are thinking of starting to do night time potty training since she is totally trained during the day now. The only thing holding me back is the fact that she is still in a crib. I was going to wait to move her to a big girl bed until she was in her new room but I’m now thinking of just taking one side off her crib and having that be a transition for her. A friend told me it was easier to do night time training immediately following day time training. We’ll see!

We are still eagerly waiting word on being registered in Bulgaria which could come any day now! So, if you pray, please pray that that happens VERY soon and that we can make the right decision on which child to bring home! We had decided from early on to wait until after we were registered to make a decision on which child to adopt but I am ready to commit now!

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