Damn the Citizenship Office! – Update.

So, Tuesday I had faxed the info I had to the Sydney office and we had a meeting to explain our story to a representative at the MP office. I think I mentioned that in my last post. Wednesday I wrote and tried to call the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. Today, I found a different email for the Minister and sent the email to that address as well. I got a generic emailed response from  that, which said I could expect a response in 10-30 days! Ummm… that wasn’t flying with me. So, I sent an email to CBC 🙂

I got a response from CBC quite quickly and they are interested in our story 🙂 I got scared then. I don’t want to go public and piss off anyone making the decisions! I decided to call the CIC call center again, just to clarify what they were telling me my options were and apparently she found my file but was confused by it. Hmmm… Still not very reassuring. I asked her if she was personally looking at the submitted documents and all she kept saying was that she was personally looking at my file (did that mean that they had just made a file for us or that they actually had our application) and that they weren’t asking for any further documentation at this time. She said that as of Tuesday (the same day I had faxed and gone to our MP) a special unit was looking after our case. She didn’t know any more than that. I still did not feel overly confident.

About an hour later, I got a call from the rep. at the MP office and she said that they had a file for us… still unclear about whether that meant they had all our documents or not… and that our case was put in the URGENT category and would be assigned shortly. I’m cautiously feeling better with this news but I’m still going to be on guard until I have the approval in my hand and don’t

I’m thankful that I got heard, or am getting heard. It sure pays to go to the MP! I knew adoption would be a roller coaster but I don’t how much of these lows I can take! If anyone thinks that adoption is the easy way out they are EXTREMELY mistaken! We are not going to let CBC have our story quite yet. I will only go there if I think it will help again. We might be interested in giving them our story with CIC once we have Sofie, safe at home. Maybe that will help them get in shape for the future!

We are still painfully waiting on her picture. I called my agency about that today too and they are going to send another email. I asked for the picture even it the file hasn’t been translated yet. I don’t care. She is ours!

One thought on “Damn the Citizenship Office! – Update.

  1. LeAnna et David says:

    if they have something, and it's marked urgent, I think that means this will come to a swift conclusion for you.

    As for CBC–once you've got Sofie safe at home I think it would be a wonderful story. It would also be a good chance to plug your charity.


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