Little Girl

After my last post, and yet another frustrating day for me, I thought I should take some time to reflect and share about my baby girl. Livi is such a delight. It is easy being her mom. She is a joy, creative, smart, happy, empathetic, fearless, carefree, confident, etc… I know I’m biased 🙂

Livi knows how to make me smile and laugh and has learned how to use that to her advantage. She is very dramatic and I confess her over dramatization of things makes me laugh more often then it should. I will pay for that, I’m sure. She has taken up making “faces” which is me saying “pose” and her changing her funny face…

She is so smart. Her understanding of how things work astounds me sometimes. She looked at an analogue clock and read the time correctly! Granted, it happened to be 1 o’clock, her nap time, which I point out frequently. She hasn’t shown much interest in writing her name lately but did do it today and her skill has improved. The letters were smaller and more legible.

Livi has become very observant. Interestingly though, she doesn’t notice “down syndrome” unless it is someone on TV or in a book. She will point out people with DS on TV are “like Alicia May” (a girl with DS in a book we read her). When we ask if people she knows, like Maggy, some of Mom’s clients, or Sofie, is “like Alicia May” she says “no”. I kind of love that she doesn’t notice it. People are people! She notices every bug, ant and beetle on the ground though, and waits for them to move out of her way when she is on her bike. Cute but annoying when you have somewhere to be! She rode her run-bike all the way to Jon’s office! It’s about a 15-20min walk if I’m pushing the stroller. It took her 50 min on the bike 🙂 I was so proud of her though! She wanted to do it all by herself and she did! I love her perseverance. We took the car home 🙂

She is noticing a lot of other things too, like my facial blemishes….
Livi: “What’s that on your cheek?”
Me: “A zit. Thanks for noticing.”
Livi leans in for a closer look: “It’s like…. UP!…On a hill!”

She has become quite obsessed with “boobies” too. She is very aware that she has little boobies and Mommy has “biiiiig boobies”. Again… thanks for pointing that out Livi. She has also taken up breast feeding her dolls, animals and even her hand once, despite only having two friends that she has ever seen breast feeding. Maybe she misses it 🙂 She’s also become fond of “Daddy’s show.” As it is playoff season Livi and daddy have been cuddling and watching hockey. When there is a commercial for hockey she gets really excited and wants to watch “Daddy’s show” with him. Most games are during her night time routine so she has been drinking some milk and relaxing with Daddy before bed. Precious moments 🙂

Livi has always been pretty fearless. I’m shocked we haven’t been to emergency for stitches or broken bones yet. At Birchwood Dairy, last week, she had know problem joining the big kids on the big slide, climbing up and down the tractors and touching the cows!

The cow licking her… ewww.

She found a pretty little Ladybug to admire too 🙂

At the end we of course had to have some ice cream! 

Livi is growing up so fast. She has lost the baby look to her “little” body. She is a real little girl now! Have I mentioned her skin?! She doesn’t burn, she just gets a beautiful tan and keeps it! I’m so jealous with my pale, freckled skin that burns in 5 min. Between her eye lashes, curly hair and skin this kid is very blessed 🙂  Her personality is continuing to grow… along with her stubbornness. We knew she’d have an extra dose of that with us as parents! For the most part she is pretty respectful though. As long as she understands why or what is going on, she is fed and rested it is smooth sailing. 
Pretty angel.
A few little issues we are facing in our parenting journey is that Livi will hold her stool for her pull-ups at night or nap time. Just these past two weeks or so she has begun having accidents in her pants again too! I’m not really sure how to help her figure this out. She was doing so good and now it seems like she has regressed. 
We are also beginning to see the end of naps. I’m still holding on but she is fighting going to sleep and is fine is she does miss them. I know I shouldn’t complain because she generally sleeps 11-12 hours a night but I LOVE nap time! Quiet time doesn’t cut it for me. 

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