I’m actually feeling quite calm for what is ahead for us in the next month. Maybe it is just this moment right now. I’m sure if you ask me tomorrow I will have a completely different answer. But, at this moment I’m feeling good. My list of 33 things to do before we leave has been cut down to only 15 things already! It was definitely the easier part of the list that has been accomplished.

For the most part, I feel on top of things. Tickets are booked. I’ve made the immediate doctor appointments for Sofie when we return as well as have a referral in at the Child Development Center. I’m sure I have enough clothes, diapers and formula to take with us. I just have to pack them yet. I wasn’t quite sure what size clothes to collect but I think I’ve settled on bringing mostly 24 month size. The info we have for her says she is 19 pounds and 30 inches tall. That puts her at the weight of an average 9 month old and height of an average 12 month old. That was also 8 months ago when she was 31 months old. Has she grown? I still think of her as that tiny little girl who can’t walk or talk yet. Part of me hopes she hasn’t developed much so that I can be there for all the milestones. But, I know it would be better for her future if she has been developing with out me. I need to be prepared for however advanced or delayed she is. I’ve done most of the research I need to or can on Bulgaria, rules, customs, etc. I’ve started baking some goodies to freeze for when she comes home. I have enough cat litter and toilet paper for the Livi and her “sitters” while we are gone. I’ve done more than just that but I can’t think of it all now. I still need to pack and book a hotel but mostly everything else on my list has to do with nesting and deep cleaning the house, like steam cleaning the couches. 
We are also trying to fit in our last minute visits and play dates with people we have bee meaning to see and get in our last “dates” with each other. I have two play dates scheduled for Livi in the next two weeks and one more pending. I booked a girly date with Livi to get our hair done, we both need a hair cut, and hopefully our nails done, then Daddy/Jon is going to take us out for dinner! Since we will be in Bulgaria on August 8th, Jon and I are also going to go on an anniversary date… it is his year to plan something. I’m hoping we get to go out and see the final Harry Potter movie before we go too. 
I think that’s it. I don’t really feel overwhelmed. I’m sure I will get more anxious as the date draws nearer. I am counting the days… 17 by the way. I just can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. MichelleP says:

    Very Romantic!!! Like a honeymoon baby, lol!!! That's awesome!!! Your blog was short, but you packed so much into it, it feels like I just went for a long sprint!!!


  2. Katie says:

    wow, Katie, you are a machine!!! I can't even believe how much you are capable of accomplishing in such a short period of time!
    Hey, you may have already talked about this in a previous post, so sorry, but just wondering about when you come home, if you would like some quiet time for a few days, or if we can call and potentially visit, or perhaps even greet at the airport…..


  3. Katie says:

    A visit would be great! I think we already have quite the gathering at the airport with just family 🙂 So, maybe that wouldn't be the best idea. I think by the weekend (Aug 13) or the following week we'll be up for some visits! The Wednesday we'll have jet lag and Friday is a Dr. apt and visiting my Grandparents so I'll want Thursday pretty quiet 🙂 Just call on the Fri or Sat to say when you can come! I'm sure Livi would love to show off “her Sofie” to Z!


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