I’ve been a little behind on my blogging. Taking care of two three year olds is a lot of work! They are giant black holes of energy. It has been so much fun though. They are such an amazing blessing and I’m amazed at how much I am continuing to learn!
Being a parent of two is so different than one. My house is always dirty. Laundry is never ending. I continually find splatters of food in places that they weren’t eating. Toys are every where and my floors are never clean, even right after I clean them! The biggest thing I am learning is to let my house go. It doesn’t have to be clean at the end of each day. It is okay if there are toys in every room. If the dishes don’t get done in the evening, I can catch up with them in the morning. I think I’m dealing with the every day messes okay, but when I’ve slacked a little and not cleaned the floors or bathroom all week I do get overwhelmed and grumpy about it. I’m learning to let the cleanliness of my house go. 
I’m learning to cope on little sleep again. I’m getting more sleep than if we had brought home an infant, but it still isn’t as much sleep as I was getting with only one kid! I want sleep with out feeling like I should be doing something else!
I’m learning what both of my girls need from me and when. Livi needs one on one time where she recognizes that I am choosing to spend time with her and not Sofie during this time. I realize that this has a lot to do with her jealousy issues right now but this is something that I can do for her, when the timing is appropriate and Jon is available to be with Sofie or she is sleeping. Morning cuddles have been something her and Jon have been enjoying and I’ve been spending some big girl time with her before bed while Jon puts Sofie to bed a little earlier than Livi. Sofie needs me to read her properly and move at her pace. I am getting much better at this but sometimes it takes her following me from room to room for 20 minutes before I realize she wants something. I need to slow down for her. 
All three of us are learning things about Sofie and how to make everyone more comfortable. Jon and I are taking turns getting up early with the kids and feeding them breakfast. We are trying new solutions for Sofie’s sleeping issues. Sleep sacks are going to be our saving grace for the winter for her and I actually think Sofie feels a little more secure in them. Our only problem is going to be finding them big enough for her. It may resort to me trying to remember how to sew! Staying asleep is not Sofie’s problem, but getting to sleep peacefully can be a little challenging still, particularly at nap times. We are laying with her until she is asleep but this is still not always working well. I think we are going to see if white noise helps her. We just need to figure out something that she can’t reach and that doesn’t bother Livi to much. My sister suggested Melatonin which I think I’m going to try too 🙂
Livi is handling Sofie’s issues like a pro. Each of them have there daily melt downs but I figure this is fairly neormal too. They have both been through a lot of changes. Sofie can’t communicate all her frustrations well yet and Livi is a little too good at communicating sometimes 🙂 
This is one of the reason’s we need sleep sacks for her.
She tosses and turns like you wouldn’t believe and there is no hope of keeping a blanket on her.
I was really proud of Livi’s “realistic” drawing! She said it was a 
car with a tail!
These first few weeks have been filled with eager visitors wanting to meet Sofie. Sofie has been handling the changes, new people and new language amazingly. She has exceeded our expectations. I had expected to shelter her a lot more than we are. I had expected to have her regress at first. I had expected more tantrums and fear from her. I didn’t think I’d want people touching her and picking her up. 
Every once in a while people picking her up does make me stop and wonder if it is too soon, but I remind myself that she is three years old. A three year old wants people to play with her. We are still very diligent in being the ones to comfort her and respond when she is fussing but it is okay that she plays with other people, I think. She may have regressed a little in the food area but she has made leaps and bounds in the past few days. Yesterday she packed away more food than I ever thought she could. Her stomach was hard and protruding! Today she ate “real” rice and pesto salmon! Not pureed! I could cry I am so proud! Plus she ate it off my fork! A big fork that poked her tongue and everything! This is seriously a big milestone people 🙂
Sofie meeting Opa and DD!
Sofie meeting Uncle Tony!
Auntie Lisa meeting Sofie!
Tonight was also another big milestone. Sofie woke up for the first time, during the night, crying. I got to pick her up and hold her while she settled, whispering that she was safe and Mommy had her. This is something I doubt she has ever experienced. It was such a beautiful moment for me. I was then thinking how different these milestones are from having a birth child. This tiny moment around 10:30 at night holding my crying daughter was as special to me as the first time Livi took her first steps or rolled over. It was magical. 

2 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Carol in SK says:

    If you want a more affordable option that the Storks & Berries ones (which look like a great product, though), you could look on etsy. I found one shop which sold custom sleep sacks in all sizes. One for 12-24 m was $17 USD just to give an idea of prices. I imagine a bigger one would be a bit more but probably not $50! Here's the website connected with the etsy shop:

    Also, my sister sews great long sleeping sacks. Materials come to $15 each. I could ask her if she has time to sew a few for you. Send me an email if you like.

    Thanks for keeping it real on your blog. It's great to read your joys and struggles adjusting to the new family dynamic. I hope you got the great night of sleep! I know sleep makes all the difference for me.


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