Everybody Has a Random

1. This week was rough. I think the honeymoon with Sofie is over. Friday night was very low. Both girls were being ridiculous and I was PMSing. At one point I was just rocking a crying Sofie in the dark, crying myself. We finally got both girls to sleep though. Jon made me go out Saturday morning. I went to the kids swap and then the Eco Boutique and got an Echo Rain shirt for myself! I came home much more relaxed and to happy children!

2. Sofie has been playing so well. A month ago she had no idea what to do with toys but lately this area of development has been taking off! She started just playing with baby dolls but now she plays with the kitchen set, tea set, tent, mirror, mega blocks, books etc! It is so great to see 🙂

3. Thursday we got Sofie’s Citizenship Card! She has technically been a citizen since landing in Canada but we had no way of proving it! With her card now, we have applied for her MSP and Care Card, SIN card, Passport, and Child Tax benefit! Once her Care Card comes in we can get a doctor to fill out her Disability Tax credit, Access card and get her on Jon’s Extended health. The paperwork never ends!

4. I’m feeling the lack of storage and flow in our home right now. We have a very mis-matched kitchen with no counter space and no closet space anywhere. I’m thinking of even renting a storage unit or something. The girls’ next sizes of clothes that I am storing are over taking any corners of storage that we do have. I’d get rid of the baby stuff but we are not sure that we are done having kids quite yet. There are so many things that I love about this home, and so many things that are really getting to me.

5. Livi has been so helpful and fun lately, when she isn’t throwing a tantrum. Maybe emotionally manic is a better way to describe her. When she is feeling happy she is an angel. She figures out to do things all herself and does anything and everything to help out. She shares with Sofie and gets so excited to see how she reacts. The other day she put a whole pan of cookie dough on the pan by herself and I only had to fix three of them! I was a kind of proud. Then her mood switches so quickly for seemingly no reason, and it has escalated to a full tantrum melt down a few times. It is quite epic. She is definitely keeping us on our toes! I love her.

6. Halloween is so much more exciting when you have kids! Livi is going as a bumblebee and I’m hoping Sofie fits in to the ladybug costume of Livi’s from last year!

7. I’m already getting excited for Christmas!

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