Two Months

Sofie has been home for two months now! I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone. Days seem long but they fly by! I can’t get over how quickly Sofie is developing. This month has been filled with new feats that Sofie has accomplished and new experiences for her.

Sofie is getting to sleep so much better which makes for a happier baby and a happier family! We’ve just started putting her to bed a little earlier, on top of the new lullaby regime. We were always having to wake Sofie up in the morning in order to get her down for a nap on time and wake her up from her nap in order to get her down for bed at an okay time. For three days now we’ve put her to bed at 7pm and she is waking up just before 8am by herself! She is ready for nap time at 12:30pm which we are still trying to get better at so she can wake up by herself between 2:30 and 3pm. Livi is going down for her nap around 1pm until about 2:30pm and bed at 7:45pm (she reads until 8ish) to wake up at 7:30am. All in all, we are pretty happy with how this whole sleep thing is finally working out! Hooray! We have our evenings and afternoons back! It only took two months! I hope it lasts…

Sofie’s language is also taking flight. She consistently calls me Mama now and is starting to try to say Dada. She says baba for baby and bye bye usually mimicking us. She is also starting to say Ha (Hi) more consistently too! She understands English so much better than I could have hoped. It is completely amazing how quickly she picked it up. I’m not even convinced that she has any trouble understanding us anymore… well, at a 1 year olds developmental level anyway. She can follow simple verbal instructions like “no” and “arms up”. She gets tickled when she puts her arms up! When we say no to something she shows us that she understands by gently motioning what it was she wasn’t supposed to be doing while shaking her head ‘no’. Then she may or may not repeat the action with full force 🙂

Sofie is hitting and pulling hair WAY less but still grabs and throws anything she can get her hands on. I barely see her rock like she used to anymore. She barely pulls her own hair. She still clicks her teeth and jaw sometimes but that has lessened too. She is much more gentle and you can tell that she is feeling more secure. She still has no problem going up to strangers but she always comes back to me and wants me when she is upset, so I think the attachment stuff is going great too!

She still doesn’t chew food, suck a straw or drink with out spilling and we are still waiting to see a feeding ans swallowing OT but she is eating great. We just have to make sure the food is small and softish. I meant to weigh her today but forgot… so I’ll do it tomorrow and update this 🙂 She sure has chunked up though! She is 22.5 pounds! Up a pound since last month and up 3 lbs since we first got her!

Sofie still loves music. She hates sweet potatoes. I know! Weird kid. She likes her space but wants people around. She prefers adults to kids. She likes to clap, dance and eat! She eats a lot now 🙂 She loves playing with her baby dolls and Mommy! She LOVES getting ‘tossed’ around and tickled. I think she is going to love roller coasters! Can’t wait to see her smile and hear her glee while her heart is racing and I’m trying not to die from the side lines!

One thought on “Two Months

  1. Carol says:

    Love this update! Sofie has already made amazing adjustments to family life as well as developmental strides these past two months! Keep up the good work. 🙂


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