Quick Update

Our everyday life has been quite busy lately. I’m so tired! I think a massage would do wonders for me right about now! I’m not sure I can convince Jon of my need for it though πŸ™‚Β 
1. My kids are crazy, adorable, loud, squishy, difficult, funny, insane, weirdos! And I mean that in the most sleep deprived, in love way I can πŸ™‚
2. Sofie is starting to talk! It is rather sporadic and a little muffled but she is saying Mama and Dada, Up, Ney (Bulgarian No), Hi, Bye-Bye, Baby, and she even said Hello once! She is also learning Sign faster than we can teach her. She says more, all done, mommy, sorry, thank you, dance, food, drink, and understands even more of them!
3. Livi is talking our ears off. She literally only stops when we make tell her too and it usually doesn’t last long! I love hearing all her stories and how she processes things. Her memory is outstanding. She remembers places and things that happened last year! She finds things that I’ve misplaced all the time.Β 
4. I think we have decided what we would like to do for preschool. We are going to try and put Livi in the community, play to learn school that is just around the corner from us in January. It is the easier choice. We are hoping to qualify for subsidy in September to put both girls in the Montessori preschool in September. If not, I hope we really like the school around the corner because both girls in at the same time is going to be a big chunk out of our monthly budget! Even at the cheaper preschool! Both girls will then go to kindergarten together, but in separate classes. I am still waiting to connect with the school board lady to get confirmation that I can have Sofie repeat Kindergarten. I will fight for that decision.Β 
5. We celebrated my grandfathers life on Wednesday. It was a really nice service. My sisters sang “Thank-you” (for giving to the Lord. I was a life that was changed). I forget who it was by. Beautiful song and so true for me, personally. I will miss my grandpa so much.

6. Friday was my sisters’ 25th birthdays. We went for dinner and back to Vanessa’s place for some cupcakes that I made and drinks. It was a lot of fun! It was the first time we’d left the girls since bringing Sofie home. Jon skipped the dinner to put Sofie to bed so she wouldn’t realize that we weren’t there. We failed to realize that this was also the first time we were leaving Livi since being gone to Bulgaria for two weeks. She had a total meltdown before Jon left. I felt so bad. She was completely settled down before he left though. Marmee, who was babysitting, let her watch the Wiggles way past her bed time πŸ™‚

7. Livi has awesome morning hair….

8. Sofie had been sleeping late one afternoon so we went in to check on her. We found her laying on her quilt, naked, with her shirt, sleep sack and poopy diaper thrown out of her crib in to the middle of the floor. Awesome.Β 
9. We’ve had to do more than baby proof our house. We have Sofie proofed it. Because of things like this…
Thanks Sofie. I needed something to clean.Β 

10. Livi is quite the artist. She loves drawing us pictures and writing her name. These are some examples of her most recent smiley faces, with her name underneath… although she mixed up two of the letters. Jon was in the washroom and wouldn’t let her in so she was waiting for him and trying to keep herself busy πŸ™‚

11. Christmas is coming! I have no idea how we are going to manage a tree with Sofie around to tear it apart πŸ™‚ We’ll figure it out though! I’ve already ordered the main present for Livi… we got her the kids digital camera from Fisher Price (we got a good price on Amazon). I’m pretty sure she is going to love it. My phone is filled with pictures that she takes of everyone. She also said that she wants Santa to bring herΒ  a new flashlight. Her Princess flashlight she got last year no longer works. So basically, she is done! Now I have to figure out what to get for Sofie…

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