My update from this past week….

1. Livi is still very moody and emotional but for the past two or three days, I suppose you could say there has been some improvement. We have been ridiculously consistent and strict about the things that really matter. The things that don’t, we’ve been able to let go of a bit. We had one day of taking away about 4 of her favorite toys, but she earned them back the next day and has had a slightly better attitude since.
2. We got confirmation that we get a little bit of subsidy for preschool costs. Not much. Only $25, but it will help. We still haven’t received or budgeted for Sofie’s Child Tax Benefits so we figured we would just not count it and it will pay for Livi’s preschool. We also decided not to put her in until February. That way, she’ll just get the half a year and actually be 3.5 years old. We told her she gets to go yesterday and she was SO excited! She knew about the possibility but now that she knows it’s going to happen she is ecstatic. I wish I had had a camera to capture how big her eyes got! 
3. We finally bought a second double stroller! Well, we did buy a second hand one before Sofie was home and it turned out to not fit us well at all. I sold it and got my money back. So, I finally decided which one I wanted and I’m really excited for it 🙂 Yes, this is what excites a stay at home mom, and yes I know it is a little sad. It is the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Sit n Stand. Sofie definitely needs to be strapped in and Livi walks or ride her bike most of the time but will take a ride for long hauls. We figured for for walking to preschool we should get the sit n’ stand. 
4. We heard from MSP about Sofie’s care card and got some very disappointing news. They want another form which they didn’t ask for in the beginning and are telling me another 4-6 weeks! Argh!!! So frustrating. We got the bill for her hospital bill the other day too. We are so not accustomed to paying for our health care. One pediatrician appointment and one hospital visit is costing us almost $1000. We’ve been putting off  non-urgent health care appointments but if this goes on much longer we have to figure out how to pay for it. This is so frustrating. 
5. We decorated for Christmas today! Jon’s rule is December 1 or Advent, whichever comes first. It was mostly fun 🙂 Fresh baked boterkoek, egg nog, hot buttered rum, Christmas music and decorations! No tree yet. I think we’ll get a real tree again and want to wait to the week before Christmas to limit the yelling “no touching!” to Sofie. 

One thought on “Update

  1. LeAnna et David says:

    aargh, that is a crazy hospital bill! I hope the care-card comes soon. That is so ridiculous. If you have time, after you get it, and feel that you have a case, then I would write a formal complaint about the process and see if they will uphold any claims for materiality. They may not but, as I say, if you have the time it might be worth a shot.

    Happy advent!


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