A Year In The Life Of…

***This was supposed to post while I was away and it didn’t for some reason. So here it is now!***

This year has been a momentous one to say the least!

January started with the excitement of just having got the proposal for Sofie! Livi had started ballet and was loving gymnastics too! I had done my last shift at the group home I was working at and became a full time stay at home mom!

February marked the one year anniversary of starting the adoption process! We were still waiting for the legal referral from the MOJ and hoping it wouldn’t take as long as it seemed to be. It also held Jon’s 30th birthday! We celebrated in Vancouver where it snowed! A lot!

March finally brought Sofie’s official legal proposal which we eagerly signed to accept adopting her! My best friend had her first baby boy who I still haven’t met other than on skype. I began Lent where I gave up sugar and meat. It went really well. I also got to confirm Sofie’s legal new name on World Down Syndrome Day!

April finally broke Livi of her soother habit! I was so happy ūüôā Livi wrote her name all by herself. I was so proud. We also had an emotional 3rd birthday celebration for Sofie with out her. We had hoped to be much closer to bringing her home than we were.

May was a quieter month. We continued hoping for adoption news and enjoying Livi growing up. Jon and I also got to go on a little babymoon! A night at a fancy hotel in Vancouver, a fancy dinner, window shopping and we bought a new car!

June was a very exciting month. We got word that we could expect court this month! Livi did her first performance on stage at her ballet recital! She did so good. We got some disappointing news that the although court had happened, the judge wanted more legal papers. This might have taken 4 weeks but the scanned copies were enough! While on a wonderful family vacation we got word that the judge had granted the order! Sofie was legally our baby!

July held lots of planning and preparing for traveling to Bulgaria! We left at the end of the month!

August was filled with adventure! August 1 we met our baby. On the 4th we took her out of the orphanage! Jon and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, I had a birthday, and Livi had her 3rd birthday. We got to bring our baby home and reunite with Livi after 16 days. Our family of four was finally together. Our journey together finally started!

September was a little rough. We were all adjusting to our new family. Sofie was¬†having¬†DOING AMAZING but she still had a lot of changes to deal with seeing as she had never even been outside the walls of the orphanage. Livi was adjusting to having a sister who wanted to play with all her toys and too up so much of Mommy and Daddy’s attention. Jon and I were figuring how to parent two kids while maintaining our sanity!

October things started settling down. We were all over the worst of the adjustments and loving each other a whole lot more! We continued learning the ropes and starting to figure out what the future was going to be looking like for appointments and school for the girls. We also said our final goodbyes to my Grandpa who passed away. It was hard to see him go but we know he is in a better, pain free place.

November held Sofie’s first Emergency visit with a nasty bite to the tongue. She was a trooper through the stitches though! My baby sister’s turned 25 and made me feel very old. I also bought a awesome sit n stand stroller! There was a lot of research that went in to figuring out which one would suit us so I was so excited to finally get it!!! I love it by the way.

December has been busy! We had tons of social gatherings, hosted and cooked for my extended family Christmas, ¬†hosted my¬†immediate¬†family Christmas and celebrated Sofie’s first Christmas with her family!!! It was beautiful and fun! Jon also went back to work after enjoying 4 months off. He only had to go back for 2 weeks though, then he got two weeks vacation for Christmas and going to Mexico!

This is posting while we are in Mexico so I will update you all on that when I get home!¬†I’m so excited to see where this next year takes our little family but I’m sure it will be exciting! I’ll keep you posted as usual!

Have a fabulous New Year!!!

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