Just a quick update post…

1. Livi is entering her second week of preschool and loving it. Tomorrow they are going on a field trip to the library of the school they are next too for story time. She is pretty excited.

2. Is it normal for a three year old girl to have the emotional stability of a PMSing 14 year old girl, who is also bi-polar? She is very good at keeping us up to the moment on her ever changing moods and can articulate it very well. We have had to learn how to stifle our snickers at her “evil eyes”. It is epic.

3. Sofie’s appointments have started. We have heard back from and scheduled all but two of the doctor appointments we had been waiting for as well as therapy and funding appointments. This week is crazy busy… Family doctor, Dentist (for Jon), Social Worker for respite money, music class, Special O phone meeting, Speech Therapy, and beginning of next week is our first 6 month adoption check-in! Within the next three months we go to Children’s at least once, try getting some of Sofie’s dental work done, speak with a dietitian, get her eyes, hearing, and possible sleep apnea checked on as well as get a few x-ray’s and immunizations! I’m sure more stuff will come up too. Wow, I was warned about all the appointments but this seems crazy!

4. My lifestyle change has been going really well! I just started my 3rd week which means I got to introduce carbs again! But it also meant I started working out. First time I’ve been intentional with my exercise in about 2 years. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Livi woke up from her nap and did the yoga part with me. It was so cute. A couple of the moves I couldn’t do for long enough and I had to stop for a quick break. Livi would lay down beside me and say “This is such hard work for me too!” My three year old daughter kicked my ass at yoga but I maintain that I had better form! The really good news about these past two weeks is that I am 14 lbs lighter! Horray! I’ve already noticed my clothes fitting better. I measured my inches twice but they were both way off so I think I’m measuring wrong. I think I am 2-4 inches down in my waist and thighs 🙂 Wish me luck on the exercise portion!

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, that's amazing, Katie! Good for you! What did you do in those first two weeks?

    I'm about to go back into your blog to see if I can find more… love reading about your family. I am definitely hoping we can get together sometime and talk shop about adoption. 🙂

    And yes – the girl PMS bipolar thing? Totally normal. My nine year old has been at it for AGES. Good luck.



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