6 Months Home!

I can’t believe Sofie has been with for only 6 months. She fits in so perfectly. I don’t even want to begin to imagine what her life would be like if we hadn’t found her. God had better plans for her. Honestly, He has better plans for all those orphans… now if only we would all just bring them home.

Isn’t it amazing what a little food, love and a family can do in just 6 months!

These past six months have gone by so fast and yet it seems to have been our lives forever. I remember what it was like to just have one child. Livi was so EASY compared to the two of them together! They were made to be together. They are sisters through and through. Livi dotes on Sofie… when she isn’t pushing her away or hiding her toys up high so she can’t get them. Sofie is so easy going when it comes to Livi. She loves to be close to Livi and do what she is doing. She tries to be just like her “big” sister. They fight too, but that is encouraging in a weird way. It means they are developing a completely normal sibling relationship and it is a beautiful thing.

 Making cookies on Valentine’s Day together.
Baking with my kids is one of my most FAVORITE things to do.

These past six months have been life changing for all of us but especially Sofie. Her development has literally sky rocketed. The orphanage director warned us, when we where picking her up, that the change in Sofie’s life would probably stunt her development in the next few months. Well, that did just not happen. AT. ALL.

In just six months, Sofie went from having no voice and not being spoken to in Bulgarian to understanding English, using 15-20 signs, babbling up a storm (a loud storm!) and speaking nearly ten English words clearly! Just hree days ago her newest word came! She said “Marmee” and made my mom one happy Gramma! Just this month she has learned to identify some different parts of her body parts, like her nose, eyes, tummy, etc. She is starting to chew a lot better. We haven’t got to raw veggies yet but we are getting there! She is doing really well with water too. Less of it is spilling out when she drinks and I think she is getting closer to the amount of liquid she should be drinking for her weight. Speaking of her weight she is 24 lbs and 33 inches tall! She is still ridiculously small for her age but she is finally a healthy BMI!

When she came to us she was just toddler walking and fell over a lot. She still falls over a lot but she is so much more confident in her walking. She is nearly running! She climbs on everything now. She has such a sense of humor and laughs her head off when she is trying to tease us. For example, we will be changing her and she thinks it hilarious to turn on her tummy so we can’t put her diaper on… and then she sometimes pees. Awesome.

I celebrate my second daughter and am in awe of how much she has overcome every day. She drives me nuts, breaks me in to laughter, fills me with pride, joy, love, honor and mysticism. I am SO excited so see where the next 6 months take her and us! I think I might cry from happiness when I get to celebrate her 1 year home!

Some of Sofie’s favorite things are:
1. Music. She loves to dance, rock out, she is starting to sing and even knows how to turn on the stereo by herself. We keep “her” CD in the stereo for easy accessibility for her.
2. Music Class. I can not recommend Music Together with Miss Kendra enough. We started the class in September as a family and now her and I continue to go alone. It is therapy for her. I credit this class as playing a major role in her development. Particularly her following directions and speech. She completely participates in all the actions and even tries to sing!
3. Naked Barbie. I gave her every encouragement and option to attach to a typical fuzzy, pillow, or stuffed animal in the house. Instead, she chose to become enamored with an old frizzy haired Barbie of Maggy’s that happens to have lost her clothes. I’m so glad that she is attaching to something but why does it have to be a naked Barbie?
4. Mirrors. She loves looking at her self in mirrors. She is vain. But what can I say? She does have a lot to be vain about 🙂
5. Tickles. She loves it and has the cutest baby belly laugh.
6. Giving kisses. She is very proficient at it but doesn’t quite know who she can and can’t kiss yet 🙂

Things she doesn’t like: 

1. Soups and juicy fruit. She doesn’t like the textures. It weird’s her out. 
2. Not being able to keep up with her sister. Livi likes to run but Sofie can’t quite keep up despite her best tries. She gets frustrated when Livi keeps running up and down the hall passing her each time. 
3. Being hungry. If she has any little hunger pains she gets ridiculously upset. I think it scares her. She didn’t get enough food in Bulgaria. She remembers and it is a trigger.
4. Being told “No”. Really, who likes that? She is quite stubborn about this one though!

I try to take pictures of each of my kids on their 6 month “birthdays” as well as on their actual birthday. Sofie is NOT easy to photograph! But she still makes some cute shots!

We love you Sofie! We thank God for you every day. You are a miracle.

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