A Night Out… FINALLY!

Friday night Jon and I got a much needed night out. We haven’t been out on a real date in over seven months, since before Sofie came home.  Jon had got to let loose and spend the night in Vancouver once and we’d been out separately for a movie or dinner with friends a few times. We hadn’t done anything together aside from one evening at Christmas to a staff party… but that wasn’t exactly my idea of a relaxing date 🙂

My sister’s and mom all graciously helped out with watching the girls. Sessa took the first shift until before bed time and Liz slept over. Mom helped out where she could! I am so grateful. I really needed a night where I felt completely relaxed. I got that. Sofie was ready to be with out us for a night. I was confident my kids would have fun. I even got the pleasant surprise that Livi went to sleep with no bedtime issues! Why do kids act so different for their parents?
Anyway, Jon and I went out to Langley for a little shopping at my favorite clothing store because I am needing some new pants and had a gift certificate from Christmas. (I’m officially down over 20 pounds in 7 weeks with the PINK method and down a size!) I didn’t buy anything because they didn’t have the pants I wanted in the size I needed. I showed great reservation and saved my certificate for next time. Then we went for a coffee and sandwich date at the coffee shop across the street before heading in to Vancouver for the night. Our dear friends helped us celebrate our momentous night out and took us for some seriously delicious tapas at an Italian restaurant in Gastown. The evening was filled with interesting stories, laughter, drinking and relaxation. We even took a drive through Stanley Park in search of purring raccoon’s. We slept over at their apartment and enjoyed a delicious breakfast to top it all off. 
It was exactly what I needed. I enjoyed myself immensely and when I woke up in the morning I found myself not wanting to go home yet… by the next morning I’m usually yearning for my bed and anxious to check in on my kids. When we did get home we were greeted by big smiles and hugs from BOTH kids! Sofie showed us a very appropriate response to seeing us again after her first 20 hours away from us. I was worried she would not care that we had come home but she smiled, and came to me for a big hug! Thank you every one who helped us have a real night out! I feel so blessed and ready to face the next 7 months!… I hope it isn’t that long again!

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