World Down Syndrome Day 2012

Down Syndrome is not a disease. People with DS do not suffer from it.
It is genetic, just as brown hair and blue eyes. It is there at conception. 
People with DS are someones child, grand-child, sibling, co-worker, friend, lover, even parent.
People with DS can contribute to society just like any other person can.
Please do not think of people with Down Syndrome in terms of what they can’t do…
Look at them in terms of what they CAN do. 
They should not be underestimated or under valued.
They are human, just like you.

Last March 21 I was eagerly praying for court to happen in Bulgaria. Although that took three more months, we did get to confirm Sofie’s new Canadian name a year ago today! I reread last years post and noticed that I had thought this year would have a lot more of a personal meaning to me. This is true. I thought I was an advocate for people with Down Syndrome last year. This year, being an advocate has taken on a whole new meaning.

Livi took this picture 🙂

I have had to take a different approach to raising awareness for DS as a parent. I can’t distance myself like I could before. I can’t let ignorance or malice go but I need to figure out how to softly address the issues with others to enlighten them with out being defensive. It is always personal for me now. More than before. This is my daughter’s future I’m fighting for.

Since my life and family celebrates and raises awareness for Down Syndrome daily, today I’m just going to squish my chromosomally enhanced blessing a little more often. I’m also going to think of all the advocates who opened my eyes and lead me to this amazing honor of being a mom to my chromosomally deprived and enhanced children! 

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