Moved In!

We survived! Barely. I’m so tired! We are all moved in and mostly unpacked. Jon’s Mom was such a help through the entire moving process. Jon’s grandparents paid for a hotel and some food for us through the two days of moving too! Such a blessing. It helped have a base camp for the kids to feel a little more settled through everything, and it kept the kids with us. Sofie hasn’t slept anywhere with out us so I was a little worried to send her to Gramma’s for the night. The hotel saved us all from that stress. Jon’s brothers came out on moving day and assembled all our Ikea purchases for us! It was such a big help! I hate putting that stuff together.

We have a bit more to do in the Master bedroom with our closet that has seemed to be the dumping ground for anything we don’t have a spot for yet. We also have to get some bookcases for Jon’s thousands of books… and I’m not exaggerating the number. I think one more trip to Ikea is in our future.

Nothing is decorated yet which is starting to get to me. I don’t do well without pictures on the walls to make it feel like home. I don’t want to put the first holes in the walls until I’m sure where I want things though.

The girls are settling in well. Livi’s room is all unpacked and Sofie’s mostly is… although we are missing a box of hers somewhere. I want to paint and put a wall of wallpaper up in Livi’s room eventually too. I know what I want, but it will be a matter of finding the right wall paper. Sofie’s room will remain white and bare as she is getting used to her big girl bed and we find out the gender of baby #3. I don’t know what to do with the rest of the house and actually don’t think we have the patience or money to do the rest of the house. Builder’s beige will remain for a few years I think.

For Sofie’s big girl bed we just took a side off her crib and put up a rail up. Last night was the first night and she did great! She fell asleep in her bed and stayed there in the morning! Not expecting that. We’ll see how nap time goes.

Livi has woken up crying a few times and been a little confused about her surroundings but she is doing well. She has been enjoying the new stuff in the house. The floors are dark wood and she keeps pretending they are mud that she will sink in if she steps in it. I love her imagination 🙂

Well, I should probably get back to work! Or take a nap…

One thought on “Moved In!

  1. LeAnna et David says:

    I really dislike moving so I commiserate, although unpacking in a new place is something I find fun–likely as it's only the ever time my place has some semblance of organisation. Have fun hanging your pictures! Finding places for our art collection is something I always look forward to(and was so sad to have to leave it behind and live with such bare walls for three years).


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