I’m officially in my second trimester right now. I’m supposed to start feeling better now, right? I do feel some of my energy returning but it is not consistent at all. I’ll have one good day and one terrible day. I’ve been feeling like such a terrible mom lately because of it. A few days ago was the first day I finally did something fun with my kids… in about a month!  I was so happy I had energy to take the girls to the park… we won’t mention the fact that I let Livi pee in the bushes and told her to wipe off her leg in the grass. 

My house is still in shambles from the move but slowly getting more put together. Pictures are up which goes such a long way in helping me feel settled. Pictures are so important to me. I bought curtains and Jon got them put up. I The reno’s we did inside the house are done so hopefully this we can get some more things put in their places and have our much needed storage in the garage back. The fence in the back yard is finally getting started so the kids can go outside more and I won’t have to be right there every second with Sofie. Fencing is expensive by the way! 

I am starting to feel better. Although I’m so emotional… like, I’m currently crying from the beginning of Madagascar 2 when Alex finds his parents. Today I got a lot done. I love days like that. I hope it carries on. I think the weather is helping. Thank God for some sun finally!!! I baked some cookies, (first time baking in the new house), made Krispie squares with the kids, had a play date, had a nap, took a full load of garbage to the dump, organized my mom’s patio, gave the kids a bath after they spent the afternoon in the sandbox, made dinner and now I’m blogging while Livi and Rebecca (a little girl I do respite for) watch a movie before bed 🙂 I actually feel like a pretty good mom today. I honestly haven’t felt like this way to long. I hope I can keep up this energy level tomorrow too!

I’m getting excited about my summer plans. They are packed full…especially August. In just a few weeks we are going camping as a family with Jon’s sister and bro-in-law. We go to the property we have access to in Summerland. Very rustic but private and beautiful. I’m so excited that Lisa and Tony are coming with us. Four adults too two kids is a much safer ratio for my liking 🙂 Then the following week my best friend from Winnipeg is coming for a visit! I haven’t seen her in almost 3 years and I haven’t met her son yet either! I’m pretty excited. The following week is Jon and mine’s 8th anniversary and my 30th birthday! I am old. Sofie’s one year home will be celebrated, as well as Livi’s birthday! Then we have planned an open house for our friends to come see the house and celebrate with us! Some where in there I want to take the kids to ocean, the PNE and maybe the zoo and water slides? We’ll see about the last two things though.

I have some updates on the kids too but I think I’ll save those for another post. Movie is over. Bed time!

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