Sofie’s Surgery

Today Sofie got tubes in her ears. She did so good… until she had to wake up.

Children’s Hospital is so great at handling kids. Toys, volunteers, bubbles and cartoons are everywhere. Most of the nurses are wonderful and all the doctors we’ve seen so far are great too.

We got in right away, even though we were early and Sofie was prepped so she could wait in the toy room.

Despite having not eaten anything since 9pm the night before her behaviour was GREAT. She got a little grumpy around noon but was easily distracted by toys.

Someone kept taking off the sticker with the numbing cream under it so she had to get it wrapped..
She eventually got that off too.

Jon went with her in to the operating room to hold her until she went under. He had to hold her down tight when the IV was going in. Despite being restrained she still tried to pull the IV out with the hand it was going in to while kicking the anesthesiologist. She went to sleep right away though. The surgery went great but she took a long time to wake up.

Once I was allowed to recovery to see her wake up I was much more at ease. Sofie was not happy though. She wasn’t awake yet but already complaining. As soon as I saw her I told the nurse she was going to have to strap her arm in order to keep in her IV. Jon had apparently told this to the anesthesiologist too. They didn’t listen. Before Sofie opened her eyes she tried to yank out the needle. The nurse hesitated taking it out incase she needed pain meds but by how much Sofie was already flailing and pulling at the IV she realized it wasn’t going to stay in. I wish they had listened to us from the beginning because Sofie really could have used some Ativan. She proceeded to cry and flail for the next 2 hours. I don’t think she was in a lot of pain. I just think she felt terrible from the anesthetic and being in a hospital with her senses being overwhelmed. We finally just decided to take her home, even though she was still crying. We hoped the familiarity of the car would help. It did, but she still complained a lot. She didn’t fully settle until we picked up Livi and got a bit of milk in to her. We weren’t supposed to give her milk but or any solid food but she wasn’t drinking the suggested clear liquids.

Still crying and headed for home.

She cuddled lots at home and got off to sleep peacefully. Hopefully she is back to her self in the morning. We have a very quiet day planned for her either way. I think we all need it!

3 thoughts on “Sofie’s Surgery

  1. The Porters' Lodge says:

    The first picture of her in her little gown is almost heartbreaking, she looks so little and sad. So good that she has such a loving family to take care of her. I hope she recovers quickly so that you can all rest 🙂


  2. Anna says:

    Awwwww, poor lil muffin. I hope she was ok today. She looked so cute in her little hospital gown.
    Stella will be needing tubes in her ears too.


  3. Anna says:

    Awww poor lil girl! I hope she is better today! She looked so cute in her hospital gown. Stella will be getting tubes in her ears this year sometime too.


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