7 Months

Evie is really coming in to her own. Her personality is shining through. For the most part, she is such an easy going baby. She doesn’t like to be alone, but as long as some one is close she is usually content.

Evie is very much on the move. She army crawls her way all over our main living area and just yesterday was able to push herself up from laying down to sitting. I like that she plays in the toy room now too. I went through all the toys and took any major hazards out so it is mostly safe.

She got two more teeth this month… at the same time! It was a little rough but they are through and life is good again. We can sleep more than an hour at a time. She now has her two front teeth on the top and bottom. I’ve also started feeding her more which has helped a bit with the sleep. Well, helped stabilize it maybe. She still wakes up twice. She doesn’t mind all the new foods though. She likes her cereals the best but is totally enjoying all her new fruits and veggies.

Raspberry blood bath!

 Bath time is not her favourite, but that may have to do with the fact that I’m bathing her with her sisters most of the time now. They are not as gentle or quiet as she might like.

 I love that she is keeping her blue eyes. I was sure all my girls would have brown eyes. Her hair is still straight and very fuzzy. She loves being outside. I’ve even stuck her on the patio to quiet her teething whines and she will play for ages.

She is still a huge 7 month old but I think she is slowing down a bit, finally! With her moving around she is burning more calories and building muscle! She is 20.2 pounds and getting taller. I haven’t measured her but some of the 12 month cloths are getting too short for her. 

My baby is growing up and I’m not sure I’m ready for it!

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