Dear Evie On Your 1st Birthday

Dearest Evelyn,

You turned one just over a week ago. This letter is late, I know. I will start by apologizing for all the late blog posts and the lack of pictures and posts devoted to just you. I tried my best to capture your every moment but it is just not possible when you are a momma to three little ones. Maybe one day you will get to understand the incredible joys and difficult heartaches that go in to being a mommy.

Always know that I love you. My love will always follow you. Wherever you are. Wherever you go. Just like the book says. Know and feel that I love you.

You were our beautiful surprise and I am so thankful that you came when you did. Your timing was perfect. I can’t imagine having waited any longer! You have completed our family. What would I do without your infectious smile or the sparkle in your eyes? Now it’s been a whole year since you came in to my arms and I’m begging time to slow down. I know that you are my last baby and I don’t want to let this time go!

You are already on the move. You started walking so early and have not stopped. You will go places, I’m sure of it. I can’t wait to see where. You love to explore and are constantly walking around the house. Such a busy little monkey. You are usually carrying some sort of bowl or cup and are putting things in and out of it. I don’t get it but hey, you are a baby. I love watching you play in your little foam tinker bell chair. It is your favourite place to sit, aside from my arms of course, though you don’t sit much.

You are such a Momma’s girl right now. I am cherishing that. I have a feeling you might have a pretty special connection with your Daddy though, after we get through this nursing season of our lives. You adore your big sisters, most of the time. You want to keep up with them so badly. They adore you right back and do almost anything to keep you happy. I can’t wait to see your relationship with them grow.

Evie, you have blessed us more than you will ever know. I can’t wait to see where you go in life, to walk beside you as you grow, and to love the beautiful woman you will become. I am already proud of you.

I will miss this first year of your life, your baby scent and your pudgy rolls. You are such a gift. Happy Birthday Angel! I am so thankful to be your Momma.

Love Mommy

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