My Week. Sick Kids.

My kids are sick. They are needy sick. They are gross and snotty and crying sick. They are lay on the couch crying, not eating and not be happy with anything sick. ALL THREE OF THEM. Except that Evelyn won’t lay on the couch. She demands to be in my arms… but isn’t really happy there. It’s been 2 weeks like this!!! I’m going insane! My heart is breaking for them. Actually it seems like it’s been three months. The winter from hell with numerous stomach flus, puke, snot and illnesses started in December!

The first week really wasn’t bad. Just some runny noses. Nothing to really complain about. Wednesday, I picked Livi up from school with a cough. She and Evie had been coughing previously, but just at night. I decided to drive by the clinic, just to check on the line. Surprisingly, it just opened 15 minutes later. We were third in line. The doctor checked them all out. Sofie had a stuffy nose by this point and the other two had a cough as well. They did surprisingly well in the doctors office. Going anywhere with three is always scary, but a public clinic, with sick people, germs, small spaces and things to get in too is terrifying…

The Doc said they were all still viral, but that Livi had probably picked up a second virus on top of the first. Then the weekend came.

Livi got worse. Sofie got worse. Evie scared us with her wheeze. They are so miserable and it is ripping my heart apart! We thankfully got in to see our family doctor on Monday morning. I love our GP. He is so thorough, covers all the bases and listens too us. He even caringly answered Livi question about why he wears a turban.

Bronchitis and laryngitis for the lot of them. At least they have meds and that hopefully means they will get better… one day. It’s been two days of meds now and they are still miserable. Praying they wake up much better tomorrow. Livi wants to go back to school so badly. I want her to get back before spring break too! They have been off for a week already. Then they are off all next week for Spring break! We are all going to be so sick of each other.

They need to get healthy. I need to stay healthy and sane. (My sanity is on the brink.) My house needs to be disinfected, but I can’t do it with sick kids around!!!

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