Through the Years

We’ve gone camping at the property in Summerland every year since we’ve been married in 2004. Jon has gone every year since he was born and I think his mom has gone almost every year since she was a kid too! The pictures I took started in 2007 though. SO many happy memories.
I thought this was a quick and fun little time line of pics to share 🙂
July 2007 
We were there with his parents then went back in August with our 4 best friends!
July 2008 we went camping just for the weekend because I was 8 months pregnant! We slept on a mattress in the back of a minivan. No picture though. It was also the year that Dad died at the property from a massive heart attack, three weeks after we were there. The property was his place of peace. I remember him being so jovial and relaxed when he was there.  
August 2009 
We didn’t camp that year because Livi was just 1 and it was the first time back since Dad had died there. We stayed in a hotel in Penticton but spent a day there. It was a quiet and healing trip. I felt like I was introducing Livi to her Grampa. 
August 2010
We had spent a few cold nights there with the BK’s!
June 2011 
We got word, while at the property, that we were legally a family of 4 and would get to pick up Sofie in a few weeks! This is our first family picture as a family of 4!
July 2012
Sofie’s first time camping! Lisa and Tony came with us this time!

July 2013
Since Evelyn was only 6 months old we thought it best to do the hotel thing again! Spent the day at the property though with Jon’s Mom!

July 2014
First time camping with all three littles! The BK’s came with us this year again!
Can’t wait for next year!

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