Alberta Bound!

This will just be a quick picture post about our vacation to Alberta. We made the long hike to see friends we hadn’t seen in many years, to spend time with family on a farm where Jon has great memories and to take Livi to the dinosaur museum in Drumheller. We accomplished it all and it was beyond successful!

Where we stayed with friends was an over 12 hour drive that we made with two out of three of our children. Jon’s mom flew with Sofie which was a big help! It was a very long drive and the kids did AMAZING… until the last hour… that was hell. On the way home they did great too but had a few more meltdown.

The first day we just spent hanging out with our friends and recuperating from our long drive! The second day was spent in the freedom of the farm. It was really special for my kids to see where food comes from, dig dinner out of the ground, pick berries and experience the freedom of open fields.




Water fight with Gramma!
Cuddles with Opa and DD
Getting Sofie wet!

 The third day was dinosaur day! Livi was beside herself with excitement. In the end she said it wasn’t what she expected but it was still fabulous. Her favourite thing was the ‘alive dinosaur bugs’, which were actually cockroaches. I guess they are the same as they were back in dinosaur times… or something like that! Sofie was overwhelmed with the museum at first but we brought her noise cancelling head phones and they helped settle her down a lot. Jon’s mom kept Evelyn at the farm for the day so we could just take the big kids.

The final day was spent at the park and with our friends again. Their daughter is just a few months younger than Evelyn and completely adorable. We spent many nights with them playing games which is something we rarely get to do, and I love board and card games!

Thank you Dennis and Cayla!

I’m so glad we did this trip. It was a big one for us but travel and things are getting easier as our kids are getting older now. Finally!

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