She Lives

The doctors never told us mom had only a year to live or anything like that, but they never told us that she could beat this either. At the beginning of November 2015 my mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. There is some discrepancy in the stages because the tumour was 3.5cm big and the nature of stage 2. It was complicated by a blood clot too and the tumour was not operable.

It has the highest mortality rate of all the major cancers – 92% of patients die within 5 years of their diagnosis and 75% of patients die within the first year.

It is the only leading cancer killer with a 5 year survival rate still in the single digits at 8% and the survival rate has not improved in the last 40 years.

It is referred to as a silent killer – it’s difficult to detect and spreads so quickly. Vague symptoms including back/abdominal pain, jaundice and nausea usually appear after the cancer is at an advanced stage making it difficult to treat.


Surgery offers the best chance for long term survival. Only 15% of patients are diagnosed early enough to be eligible for surgery. The most common form of surgery for removal of a pancreatic tumor is the whipple procedure and may be followed with chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy/radiation.

For the patients who are not surgical candidates, chemotherapy or a combination of chemotherapy with radiation is typically offered. Chemotherapy after surgery can lower the chances of the cancer returning. Chemotherapy for metastatic pancreatic cancer can extend life and improve the quality of life for people with the disease.

Approximately 52% of all patients are diagnosed when the disease has spread to surrounding organs leaving little hope for survival (only 2% will survive five years).


Since the tumour was not operable she was only offered chemotherapy. I started doing more and more research in to the essential oils that we were already using for my family’s well being and found there was a lot of research that spoke to their anti-tumour properties. The other awesome thing I found about using the oils is that they are complimentary therapy. Using them alongside chemotherapy has no contradictions!

Mom had been put on a heavy dose of 5 different chemotherapy drugs. She was supposed to get a round of chemo every two weeks over 5-6 hours. Her body didn’t react well to chemo. Does anyone’s body, really? Chemotherapy is essentially filling your body with enough poison to kill the cancer but not the host. I totally understand people who choose not to do it at all. It is hell.

In the time she was supposed to get 13 rounds of chemo, her body only allowed her to get 8. They tried eliminating drugs and gradually took her down to only 3 drugs, but her numbers were still often low. Her numbers were too low numerous times, sometimes 2 and 3 weeks in a row. This left her tumour time to grow, untouched by chemo.

So what else did we do????       WE USED ESSENTIAL OILS!

I use and sell doTERRA, so naturally we stuck with the best essential oil company out there! I love this company and their product. I’m so thankful to them on so many levels. Here I am just documenting what we did for my mom, because so many people have asked. Oils, along with chemo therapy, worked for her and I’m so thankful. This is just our story and experience. I do believe oils can benefit everyones well-being but I am not claiming these oils will cure everyone’s cancer. I do hope with more stories like this, we will be putting more funding and research into using more natural products to prevent and treat cancer.

With using oils and minimal chemo as complimentary therapies, her blood clot and tumour shrunk enough in 6 months to have her qualify for surgery. She had a type of whipple surgery. It was hard and she was in the hospital for 3 weeks. As of May 30th, 2016 though…. SHE IS CANCER FREE! 3 months later she is still healing from such an invasive surgery but going strong!

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to experience these life giving oils yourself. I’d love to be a part of your journey with oils! You can email me at or find me at my Facebook group Becoming Katie with Oils. If you are ready to try these oils for yourself and family you can get them in your home by clicking HERE! They have had countless benefits for my family and helping us get through cancer is just one of them!

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