Christmas Angel Tree

Reece’s Rainbow has been a charity very close to my heart for nearly 4 years now. I discovered it one night when I was thinking and dreaming about the future.

Reece’s Rainbow is a non-profit, volunteer run organization that promotes international adoption of children with Down Syndrome. It helps to raise money for adoption grants, to make it financially easier for adoptive families to bring a waiting child with Down Syndrome home. The miserable existence these children frequently lead in overseas orphanages and mental institutions generally end in an early death. Cultural views towards people with disabilities in the countries that many of these children are born in keep them locked away and hidden from society and treated, in many cases, like animals.

Since the organization started they have helped get 225 children with Down Syndrome and other special needs home to their forever families and disbursed more than $350,000 in adoption grants to those families. The average cost of an international adoption is $20,000. Right now, Reece’s Rainbow is running their Christmas Angel Tree Project fundraiser. This fundraiser brings in the majority of their funds each year. Their goal this year is to raise $1000 for each waiting angel.

This year, Reece’s Rainbow is trying to expand in to Canada. My family and I have become a Christmas Warrior for a little guy named Yegor. We are praying and advocating for this little guy and hoping he gets to spend next Christmas with his forever family! This is where you come in….

Please join us in donating to Yegor’s adoption fund!
Donations are tax deductible and with each donation of $35 (USfunds) or
more you will receive an ornament to hang on your tree with Yegor’s picture on it.
(If you want the ornament in time for this Christmas I suggest making your donations this week!)
Here are some of the links that you’ll want to check out!
To make a donation go to the Angel Tree

please click here –> The Angel Tree
Click on the “Donate” tab above the pictures of all the children. When you have finished entering your information and got to the Review Donation page please click on the “Add Special Instructions To The Seller” tab and tell them you’d like your donation to go to Yegor’s fund.
To view the fundraiser’s information page

please click here –> Angel Tree Fundraiser
Or, if you’d just like to check out this website

please click here –> Reece’s Rainbow

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