Moments to Cherish

Some of my most favorite child hood memories (the few I do have) are of baking buns with my Grandma and making pumpkin muffins with my mom. One thing my mom was always very good at was including us in baking and cooking. We learned at very young ages how to measure ingredients, roll cookie dough, peel potatoes, and use a knife. She was patient with us and taught us well. All three of her daughters are very proficient cooks and bakers. I’m not sure how much my brother bakes but he can definitely cook and does numerous times a week for himself and Maggy.

Making these memories with my daughter is one of the reasons I became a mom. They are up there with getting that first scrunchy smile in the morning from Livi or the last sleepy eye droop before she goes to sleep. Up there with catching Livi in my arms as she runs to greet me when I come in the door or hearing her giggle with glee or pride at discovering or accomplishing something new. I love my baby girl so much and watching her develop in to the beautiful, happy girl that she is becoming fills me with so much pride and joy. I didn’t know I could be this happy!

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