New Year’s Weekend!

The whirlwind is over. We are exhausted and very glad to be home and in our own beds tonight. Livi hasn’t made a peep since going to sleep and I will be following her soon.

Our New Year’s eve was very memorable. I’m glad I was able to relax and not worry about Livi so far away. She did great, by the way. She slept well and only woke up once. We went out for appetizers at our friends place before leaving with them for another party in Kitsalano. It was low key and relaxing. We visited and played a group game that was made a lot more interesting with a few intoxicated participants. I got to meet someone who just started working for L’Arche! I know, I’m such a geek. L’Arche is a community where people with disabilities can share their lives with typical people in an empowering environment. Jean Vanier is a big supporter of these communities and speaks often of them in his book “Becoming Human”, which this blog is named for.
We rang the New Year in on a roof top balcony, over looking the city lights. It was a beautiful,clear night. We could see everything. It was quite breathtaking. Following midnight our party of about ten decided to crash the UBC frat party two doors down. Us, near and just over thirty year old’s, dressed comfortably and maybe not-so stylishly, jumped confidently in to the center of the dance floor. The under twenty year old boys were sweaty and shirtless, while the stylin’ fashion minded girls danced up a storm in 3 inch heels! All the kids were good looking and fit so it was definitely a “cool” kid or jock party. We grossly stuck out. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so old. All I could think about was how badly the home stank and the poor real oak floors that were sticky and getting scratched.
We joined Livi and the rest of Jon’s extended family at the Chehalis Healing House at the base of Hemlock the next day. I was pretty eager to get to Livi. We made it there for lunch and she nearly jumped in to my arms! I don’t think you can fully understand how amazing that feeling is until you are a parent yourself. The rest of the weekend was fun but exhausting. Livi didn’t stop moving when she was awake… which meant we were chasing her around a lot! Thankfully there were a lot of other babysitters around to keep an eye on her as well. Her favorite thing to do was run up and down wheelchair ramp and climb up and down the stairs. We don’t have stairs in our home so they are a big novelty. She already knew how to climb and descend stairs but I had still been staying close. This weekend gave her and I both the confidence to know she can do it by herself.

She was a little extra whiny this weekend. Understandably though. She was overstimulated by all the people around her, plus they all jumped to her every whim… she didn’t have to talk! I hope getting her back in to a routine and boundaries won’t be too difficult. I really hope I can get her back on to a proper eating schedule quickly. She hasn’t been drinking her milk in the last few days. I figured it was just because of all the distractions at the lodge, but she wouldn’t drink any tonight when she was in her own home either! I’m not stressing about it yet… but if her refusing milk continues for much longer I will have to start finding alternative ways of getting the calories in her. And Yes, I did try putting it in her sippy cup and an adult cup.
Some exciting news about our next family reunion is that the family business will be taking us all some where warm! How exciting is that?! Discussions are still very much in the preliminary stages but we have plans for it  anyway! After my initial excitement my mind immediately added up the months and realized, if all things go according to plan, that we will have a very newborn baby. Hmmm… is it irrational to bump ahead or push back family planning for a trip to an all-inclusive? Okay, maybe not something I have to think about quite yet 🙂
So we are home, safe and sound, and ready for bed. Good night and I hope you had a fabulous New Years Eve! May you experience every blessing in 2010!

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