Daddy, Be My Valentine

I’ve been neglecting my postings and realized I missed posting pictures of her Valentine to Daddy!

Livi decided the her Daddy is the only boy worthy to be her Valentine. To show him how much she loves him and that he was, in fact, HER Valentine, she thought she would bake him a cake. 

She decided on a Devil’s Food cake with Coconut icing. She got all the ingredients out and started mixing.
 Mommy did have to step in and get her back on track when she forgot that the cake had to be baked before eating it all.
 Eating the batter was DEFINITELY her favorite part!
In the end her Valentine present turned out really well and, as long as she could help Daddy eat the cake, she was okay with Mommy being Daddy’s Valentine too 🙂
Jon took me out to Restaurant 62 that night so we could have a more adult Valentine’s Day celebration. It was very delicious and we had a good talk. We’ve been so busy lately that it was nice to take some time out and talk without the TV being on, Livi running around, or trying to clean things up. 
Lifestyle Change Update: I forgot to post my progress! With dinner out and the goodies consumed over Valentine’s weekend I did not lose any pounds but I did loose 1 inch! So, I’m still counting that as a half success. I’ve gone back on the meal plan… as best as I can… and committed to going to a Speed Zone class once a week (which kicks my butt!), so I am hoping for better results in two weeks.

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