Family Day at the Olympics

Putting my issues with the Olympics aside, we went in to the city on Sunday to see the spectacle. I don’t remember the last time we’ve had a full day set aside just to spend time together. It was so much fun! We didn’t really do too much Olympic stuff except walk around the hot spots but Livi loved it! We loved seeing Livi have so much fun.

We left for Vancouver just before 10am with the plan to put Livi down for a nap at our friends’ house just off of Main street and then head into the city centers when she woke up. Our plans changed when we looked in to the back seat and found Livi sleeping! This was truly a huge surprise and momentous occasion. She has not fallen asleep in the car since our trip to Edmonton when she was 9 months old. To top it off she had fallen asleep without her soother or fuzzy and didn’t complain about it at all! Has the world turned upside down?!

I snapped a picture of this once in a lifetime event 🙂
We briefly stopped in at Brent and Mary’s but headed downtown pretty quickly. Livi loved transit. She HAD to hold on to the pole or loop in the bus and skytrain just like everyone else. Our first stop was at the Pavilions. We walked around a little bit but since we don’t follow any of the non-sport related spectacle we didn’t know what anyhing was and the line-ups were way too long. We went and saw all the rocks on the water front then got back on the skytrain to Robson Square. That was much more interesting for us. All the art, buskers, and people were fabulous to see!
Livi was a little hungry and tired when we first got off the skytrain but once we got some food in her she was re-energized. She kept trying to give all the people she passed high-fives. It was pretty cute. We left from Robson and walked down to see the flame. Livi walked the whole way! Yes, that is a leash you see. I thought it would be a good idea since she is prone to sprinting and doesn’t always want to hold our hands when walking.
We made it to the flame and took the shot that every other person in the world has seen.

After the flame we played at a little park area while we waited for some friends to meet us for coffee.
At the end of our trip we went back to Brent and Mary’s house for a little visit and put Livi down for a short nap. Livi had a lot of fun playing dress up with Mary in Courdoroy Bear’s clothes and talking on the toy phone. We made a quick stop at Jon’s mom’s house for a delicious dinner then home for bed. It was a fabulous, fun, family day. I hope we can do them more often 🙂

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