Happy Easter!

What a busy week! I’m not sure if things are quite calm for us yet but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Easter though! I’ll just concentrate this post on our Easter extravagances.

Friday afternoon we headed out to Surrey for a delicious meal with Jon’s extended family. I was introduced to a Turkey roll! Mmmm, it was quite delicious. Tiramasu and my delicious Paska for dessert too! Livi had a blast. Aunt Heather and Uncle DJ’s home have a few stairs from their living room up to their kitchen. We don’t have stairs in our apartment so these stairs where as good as Disneyland to Livi! They were short enough that I figured if she fell, the harm to her would be to a minimum.

Then we headed to Chilliwack for a Turkey dinner and an Easter hunt! Livi was in awe of the chocolate and Elmo DVD’s she got from Marmee.

Saturday morning I had to work, which took every ounce of my energy. I’ve been so busy lately that I really need to take some time to myself or I’m going to end up making myself sick.

When I got home Livi and Jon and I decorated Easter eggs! It was so much fun and Livi was fascinated. It was so much fun! She was so particular with different steps. She had to repeatedly put the egg on their stands and keep re-seating them. She loved the stickers and I am still finding random chick and bunny stickers stuck in various places around the house.

Sunday morning we woke up far too early because Jon set the wrong alarm and it went off at 6:15am! Anyway, we had a little trail of eggs leading to Livi’s basket that had a bunny from her Oma, a few chocolates and some eggs filled with play-dough! She’s never played with play-dough before. I’m sure she is going to have fun with it!

We went to a real Evangelical church this morning! I wanted to go. I like the idea of a big show at Easter. I think it comes from all the Easter productions I saw in my younger years. I haven’t been to a EV service in many years. It was so weird. I definitely do not fit in there. Maybe one day I’ll go back, but until then I’m very happy to be a part of a church tradition that I find so authentic, freeing, and non-judgmental. I’m not saying that the church I go to doesn’t have their issues. It is made up of ex-pastors and last-chance Christians, which leads to it’s own set of problems, but I resonate with them and find the authenticity SO refreshing.

We our Easter celebration with yet another delicious meal. This time with Jon’s immediate family and a few extra stragglers 🙂 It is needless to say my lifestyle change has gone completely rogue. I don’t think I’ve gained any weight back thankfully. My weight loss is still sitting at 15lbs. I need to get my butt back in gear which I am finding rather difficult with all the busyness.

Today was not filled with very much rest unfortunately either. We did a lot of house repairs, organization, de-cluttering and touch-ups. We are hoping to list our condo this week… if the financing comes through. Our mortgage broker thinks we can afford much more than we are asking for but because Jon is still on contract work with CLBC and I work casual she isn’t sure that a lender will want to finance us. I will admittedly be disappointed if we can’t get it yet. I really want to have a home with a yard this summer for Livi. She has way to much energy for our apartment! We should find out on Tuesday. Everyone is praying right!?

Happy Easter! Christ was victorious over death and we are free!
I hope everyone has had as good a long weekend as me but with more rest 🙂

One thought on “Happy Easter!

  1. LeAnna (and David) says:

    more rest for me indeed! four days off at easter for the first time in years >:)

    I'm glad you had a wonderful Easter. It sounds great, but incredibly busy. You're at the point where you need a holiday to recover from the holiday.

    Good luck with the financing. I'll be praying!


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