To Move or Not To Move…

So, we just found out that we are not going to get approved for the amount of financing we want until Jon has his position permanent. They acknowledge that, based on his income, we can afford more than we are asking for, but because he only has a contract and not a permanent position they don’t want to lend us a mortgage. It is a bit annoying because I am very anxious to get a yard for Livi. It will happen though. I am confident.
Jon’s position that he is currently working as auxillary has been posted already. It closes on the 16th and hopefully no one else wants it so it can be his quickly. If he doesn’t get the position, he still has a job, he will just still be on contract. If that is the case, we are actually thinking of still selling our condo and moving in to my mom’s basement suite in Chilliwack. Is that weird? It would sort of seem like a step back.

Honestly, the idea is very appealing to me. I’m really close with my mom and we have a great relationship. She has a really nice two bedroom walkout basement, with a huge back yard. I would have her there to support me with becoming a mom of two. I think I’m going to need all the support I can get with a child with special needs. The other bonus, of course, is the fact that we would save a bunch of money and be able to put that towards a bigger down payment or student loan debt. I guess we’ll see what happens.

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