Sesame Street!

 *Post about the move right under this one, so scroll down!*

In the craziness of our moving weekend my sister had given Livi a ticket to see Sesame Street in concert!


On the Sunday of moving weekend Livi, Auntie Maggy, Auntie Sessa and Marmee and I packed up and went to Livi’s first concert… if Elmo is considered a concert.

Livi didn’t understand when we told her that she was going to see Elmo in real life but when the lights went down and Elmo came out she didn’t know what to do with herself. It was priceless. She just stood there smiling and pointing at the different characters. We were in the second row so she was right close to the action! She danced, clapped, sang, and even got to give Rosita a high-five!

The kids got to go to the front and dance at one point. Is it just me or does she look 16 years old here?
I broke down and got her a Sesame Street ball after the concert 🙂

I know she won’t remember it but we have the pictures and it made for some pretty good memories for me!

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