Potty Training Update

Potty training has been easier than I expected… I may have just jinxed myself. This is a detailed post about every thing we have experienced so far with potty training. If you don’t want to read about Livi’s pee and poo adventures, I suggest you stop reading.

Day 1 – Panties-4  Toilet-1
Livi went cold turkey from her diapers during awake time. She was pretty excited about her big girl panties 🙂 She didn’t make it to the toilet at all with me. I was questioning whether Livi was actually ready. But, later that evening, while I was at work, Jon called me and told me she had used the toilet! Hooray! I was so proud!

Day 2 – Toilet-4  Panties-0  Pool-1
Livi didn’t want to pee in the toilet or in her panties this day. She woke up early, refused to drink hardly anything and didn’t pee for 4 hours! The little clencher does come by her stubbornness honestly! When she finally did pee though she made it to the toilet!!! She got a diaper for her nap and we went in the pool in the afternoon. I never actually saw Livi pee in the pool but I think it is safe to assume she did. After the pool though, she made it to the toilet 3 more times! Basically she had a flawless day!

Day 3 – I don’t know the score for day 3 but she didn’t have any accidents with peeing 🙂 She had that down pat! Her bowel movements where another story though… she hadn’t pooped since potty training began. She pooped twice on day 3 though. She didn’t tell us she had to go like she does for going pee. The first time we didn’t even notice until after the fact and it was a really easy clean up. Not a big deal. The second one was not so easy. It was MESSY! Yuck! I’m hoping she has figured it out though and she will tell us next time 🙂 Wishful thinking maybe?

Day 4 – Livi had her first accident since day one on this day. Only one though! She did tell us she had to go, but she was across the yard, up high in her play castle and with the time it took her to climb down and run to the toilet, she didn’t make it.

Day 5 – She pooped again today but it was during her nap so it was in her diaper. I suspect she was holding it in for her nap. I’m not sure I’m ready to start nap time potty training. She is still in a crib. Otherwise, she has had no accidents again today. We even ventured out in public today. She didn’t have to go while we were out though. In the next few days I think I’m going to try to wean her from her potty seat, so if we are out in public she won’t be afraid of the big bum toilets 🙂

Like I said, this potty training has so far proven to be easier than I thought. I’m so proud of my “baby”. I’m so excited she is growing up and becoming a big girl, but I’m losing my baby! She is sick of us asking her if she needs to use the toilet and basically yells NO TOILET! at us when we keep asking. She gives us a look like “Seriously Mom! I’ll tell you when I need to pee! Stop asking!” Since day 1, Livi has told us that she needs to pee before she does… although sometimes there is a little drip in her panties when we get to the toilet. Those are getting less frequent though. I think she is just figuring out what all the different sensations are 🙂

Instead of telling us she needs to pee, use the toilet, or go to the bathroom, she just says “poo” (even though she just has to pee) and runs while clapping and saying “lets go, lets go!” It is pretty cute. She is so proud of herself and demands her chocolate chips after every accomplished pee in the toilet. She likes wiping, wants to see what is going on in the toilet while she is peeing and must flush the toilet after she is done. I have given over my personal boundaries to show Livi how to use the toilet and said things with great zeal and excitement that I never thought I’d take so much joy in saying… although the humor of the situations are not lost on me 🙂  The joys of potty training, right?!

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