Sick and Whining

I’m looking at a pretty busy week and I’m sick. Why do you always get sick at the worst times? My daughter is at the tale end of her cold too… she started it all. Jon is continuing to ward it off with a strict regiment of whiskey. It works. I forgot to take some at the onset and got sick. Jon burned those germs up with the kick of hard liquor and remains healthy. It is only a matter of time before we start giving it to Livi to keep her healthy! (Maybe I shouldn’t have written that down :P)

On top of Livi being at the end of her cold, she is a little off too. My mom took her to church this morning and Livi wouldn’t stay in the nursery with out her. Then when Jon took her to church tonight (I stayed home sick) she cried again, wouldn’t play with the toys and ignored the other kids. This is very unlike her. She usually jumps into the nursery… or anything… without a second look back at Mom or Dad. I’m hoping this is just a short little phase because I am sick. I’m supposed to work the next three days in a row and am hoping she is okay with staying with Gramma, Marmee and Daddy.Β I feel so guilty leaving her when she is like this. It is so rare that I feel I should cater to it… like she needs a little extra Mommy time right now for some reason that I can’t figure out. Maybe she is teething? How many molars are kids supposed to get?

Okay, this is a really boring post. I’ll understand if you didn’t read this far. I’m sick. I’m complaining. I’m not looking forward to working three days in a row.

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