I’m still waiting. I’m tired of waiting. I want to bring my daughter home. I was so sure that everything was going so smoothly up until now. Doubt is starting to creep in. I hate it. I’m getting emotional whenever I think about the adoption… that might also be due to the fact that Livi is teething and I was sick. I have to catch up on the sleep that I’ve been missing. Livi has been waking up at least 3 times a night due to her sore molars! Not normal for her and I am missing my sleep ūüė¶

So, where are we with the adoption? Well, I emailed my agency last week to check up on things. I’m sure they are thoroughly annoyed with my¬†incessant questions. They told me that our Dossier is “actively being translated”. Since it has been two and a half months since we submitted our Dossier to our agency and we were told that this stage of the process takes 2-3 months, I’m assuming/hoping that means it is being translated in Bulgaria. Once we are translated and accepted to adopt by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice we officially begin waiting… or hopefully choosing.

I’m having doubts about how long the right referral is going to take though. Like I said in a previous post, they already have our homestudy and we haven’t received a referral, even though I know there are waiting little girls who would fit in to our family. I’ve also¬†received second hand information that the two girls we were starting to consider are being adopted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy for them and I hope they have incredible lives… I’m just very eager to meet our daughter.

I think the other trigger to my over emotional state is the that if we hadn’t decided to adopt, we would have started trying to get pregnant around now. I’m not feeling the urge to get knocked up at all. I’m just feeling so ready to get on with this adoption! There are so many things in this adoption that are completely out of my control! I don’t do well with being out of control ūüôā

The other disheartening thing with the adoption right now is that we haven’t heard from the citizenship office. There is two parts to the citizenship process. I’ve sent in the Part 1 application in and got a response that it would take 8 weeks for a response… That was almost 17 weeks ago. I haven’t followed up because I’ve heard that this office is notorious for this. I will be following up this week though.

The one good adoption news I have is that the connecting agency from Bulgaria is here in Vancouver next week for a conference. Monday night I am going to a question and answer night all about adopting from Bulgaria! I hope this trip of theirs is the other reason our Dossier acceptance is taking so long.

Please pray, or do whatever you do, to help bring our child to us. I’m tired of waiting.

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