Halloween 2010

Here’s my little Ladybug! 

In the afternoon we went to the mall to get some extra use out of Livi’s adorable costume. It wasn’t the event in Chilliwack that it was in Abbotsford last year, but it was still a lot of fun! Livi was awesome with all the other costumes. Nothing scared her. There was a scarecrow handing out candy that scared some of the kids. Livi was just excited to go up to him and say hi! Someone in a Death costume didn’t scare her either. She thought it was a lion and wanted to give it a hug. I love that looks don’t scare or confuse Livi. She is interested in everyone no matter what they look like and wants to get to know them.

Before we went out for Livi’s first official trick-or-treating Livi was SUPER EXCITED and kept saying “let’s go! Let’s Go!” I think she overstimulated herself a little because before we left she “needed a little break.” We did not put her in time-out…

The first house we hit was, of course, Marmee’s. She didn’t quite understand that she wasn’t supposed to go inside. Livi got better with her “trick-or-treat” as we went up the street. It started off as a whisper but got louder and stronger. She almost always said “thank-you” too!

There was one house that Livi had been very excited to visit. It had a giant inflated pumpkin on their yard. She saw it from a block away and talked about after each house. When we finally got there she started getting really upset that she couldn’t go and touch the pumpkin. She stopped listening and threw herself on the ground. I calmly asked her if we should skip this house all together. 
Livi whined “yyyyeeeeaahhh”
Me – “So no trick-or-treating here?”
Livi – “yeah”
Jon – “Is it just too tempting?”
Livi – “Too tempting.”
We passed the house without incident and my little Ladybug returned. I love that she knew that she couldn’t handle the stimulation and had to skip it 🙂
Surprisingly, Livi was not enamored with all the chocolate she was getting. All she wanted was the lollipops! I don’t think she has ever had one before so it was something new. We gave her the choice of one candy after trick-or-treating and this is what she chose…

It was really a fun evening and a very successful first trick-or-treat! I’m pretty sure I was with the prettiest Ladybug in the town!

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