This week I got the drive to finish up Livi and her soon-to-be sister’s room. I don’t know what really got in to me… especially since Jon and I have been sick with really bad colds. I think it can only been explained by the “nesting” instinct!

My sister came over and cut in on the edges while I rolled the bright purple paint on 🙂 I took advantage of Jon staying home sick on Thursday and drove out to Richmond to pick up the girls’ beds. I found them on Craigslist for a VERY reasonable price from a manufacturer. I got both bed frames and one mattress in my Mom’s minivan!

Thursday night things were clean and set up enough for Livi to sleep in her new room. Livi was literally bouncing off the walls with excitement for her new room, but when it came down to being bed time Livi had some anxiety. She cried on and off for a bit while we coddled and tried to comfort her. She only took about an hour to settle down and slept the whole night through! Nap and night time the next day were not an issue. She loves her new bed. She loves her new room and continues to drag us back to play with her in it.

Friday, I finished transferring Livi’s clothes and putting up pictures….

This is Livi’s bed.
I love the picture on the wall. It inspired the room.
Very Alice in Wonderland-esque.

After running around all day and setting up the girls’ room I finally sat down around 7pm to check my email. My heart jumped as I saw one from our adoption agency with the subject “Bulgaria”! Why did I wait until after hours, before a weekend to check my email?!?! Our Dossier was accepted and registered and attached were two proposals for little girls needing a Mommy and Daddy! Jon was sitting beside me and we started reading. I was crying. One of these girls is my baby!!! I still can’t believe it!

The proposals were both not very complete and did not have pictures. We have to make an official request to get the full packages of information, which we will be doing on Monday. Both girls were born in April 2008, so they are 4 months older than Livi. Both girls have Down Syndrome, both are in the same orphanage and, from the little information we have, both seem to be developmentally quite similar. How do we choose?!!!! This seems like an impossible task.

We’ll be waiting to make our official decision until we have the full files, but we know that one of these girls is our girl! We’ll be asking our agency to hold back the pictures of the girls and only send us the one of the child we choose. Since they are both in the same orphanage, I don’t want to know which child we said no too and have to leave her in that orphanage. It would break my heart more than having to make this decision. It seems so absurd to choose one child over the other. Please don’t get me wrong, this decision is going to bring one of the best blessings for our family and I don’t really believe that there is a wrong decision here… I just want to make the right one. Does that make sense?

Stay tuned for more info!!!

6 thoughts on “Proposals!!!

  1. Jaclyn_Rose says:

    The girls room looks great – good job!

    And that's so exciting that you got those proposals – I know it will be hard to choose one but just pray and pray and no matter what you guys are going to make a huge difference in one of those girls lives.


  2. Hellen says:

    I love the girls room!! And your cat is such a poser!

    I can feel with you in having to choose one child over another and very much respect the decision not to do so based on photos.

    My prayers are with you and as Jaclyn above me has said, you are going to make a huge difference in one child's life.

    And in many more to come with the non-profit org that you have started. Speaking of which, I referred a few CSCL people to the Facebook Page the other day but when I went to look at it, it does not look like it has too much activity on it that is current. Is there a better place to refer them to in order for them to be aware of the current status and how they can be involved?


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