Still Waiting

Still No News 😦 No picture. No name. No nothing. I’m feeling rather down about it. I just want her home now! I know Bulgaria is a faster and easier program than most but that still doesn’t relieve my impatience.

I had been told 2-3 weeks, possibly 4, for our daughter’s picture… That was 4 weeks ago. I emailed and asked for a status update and was told that the MOJ still hasn’t released her file! We were told it would still be another week or two. Argh! I have a sneaking suspicion the ball was dropped some where along the line. The MOJ is supposed to prioritize special needs children so it doesn’t quite make sense to me that it would take longer than the time I was quoted. Oh well, she will be home with us soon enough and these extra few weeks will be forgotten.

The Bulgarian government is not the only government that I’m impatient with right now. Canada Citizenship office is a bunch of bull! When I applied back in May to be adoptive parents I was given an acknowledgement letter that said it would only be 8 weeks for an answer… that was 27 weeks ago! How does that even happen? I’ve called and even got my MP to check on our case and the Citizenship office just say that the wait times can jump with out notice. They said we are due to hear an answer this week so I am hoping for no more set backs. Once we are approved then we have a second application for Sofie to become a citizen sponsored by us. It is so much bureaucracy! I’m am just praying that there is no jump in wait times for the second part of the the application. This issue has the potential to keep Sofie in Bulgaria much longer than need be. If you pray, this one would be a good thing to keep in  your thoughts for us!

When Sofie’s picture does come I’m not allowed to put it on my blog until after she is legally ours. So, unless you are family or a close friend you will have to wait, sorry. We are eagerly waiting and will keep you all updated!

3 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Katie says:

    Probably 🙂 We need to see her picture before we officially are sure… but I'm calling her Sofie now. I don't have the baby belly so it's my way of attaching and feeling “pregnant” I guess 🙂


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