Brag-fest on Livi!

With all this adoption stuff taking off I’ve neglected gushing about my 5 year old… I mean 2 year old 🙂 Some one commented on one of my facebook pictures that Livi is quite mature. I know I have a really easy child. I probably don’t know how easy I have it but I’ve never really thought of Livi as mature. People are always surprised when I tell them, or Livi tells them herself, that she is two. I don’t really have anything to compare her too so I don’t really think of her as exceptionally advanced or mature. She is just normal to me. Smart, yes, but not mature.. big kids can be mature, not my baby 🙂 Aren’t all two year olds like her?

When I do stop to think about it and compare her to other kids she is doing really well and I can see how people are surprised that she is only two. She is big for her age… around the 80th percentile for height and weight I think. She talks really well and very clearly. She can carry a pretty good conversation even. She is very interested in having me explain everything to her. The most recent series of questions has been around where babies come from. I did not think I’d be having this conversation this early. She saw a woman in labor on TV and her Auntie Danielle is due any day now with her second baby. She wanted to know how the baby came out of her tummy! I just said the mommy pushes the baby out of her vagina and that seemed to satisfy her.

Livi plays really well too… most of the time. She is still a two year old. She’s always been really good at sharing and wants to play with kids, not just beside them. Because she always wants to be close to other kids, holding their hands and interacting with them we have really had to work on using her words and asking before she invades other kids personal space. I’m afraid she is going to get really hurt from a kid swiping at her… it has happened before.

At the beginning of November Livi had her first hair cut! In case you hadn’t noticed, she has a lot of hair. The curls were getting beyond crazy so we needed to add some layers and try to tame them…. I don’t think they can be tamed though. She did amazing! She was excited to be in the big chair, sat completely still and didn’t even need to hold my hand or anything. Some times I get a little sad for how independent she is. It would be nice for her to need me a little bit!

This week she went to the dentist for the first time too! She was beyond awesome! The secretary was all “We’ll probably just give her a ride on the chair and maybe take a peak in her mouth.” Livi was all “I want the whole experience!” She climbed right up in the chair all by herself, sat back and opened her mouth! She sat perfectly through the hygienist’s quick check, teeth brushing, floride, and dentist check! I was so proud!

 She loved the spitting machine.

We are starting to get ready for the holidays too. With the first snow fall we did a lot of playing outside and warming up with hot cocoa and began to decorate!

Enjoying the Hot chocolate!

Livi had a play date with Jude and they decorated a gingerbread house. They were really good at not eating all the candy until after the house was all done. She keeps saying “No eating the Gingerbread house until Christmas!”

We are still yet to put up the Christmas tree but that is booked for Saturday! I’m quite excited because this is the first year, in memory, that I get to have a real tree! We are going to go cut it down and everything!

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