Happy Valentine’s Day

Since I thought Jon would be out late today, we did our Valentine’s day celebration on Saturday night. I made heart shaped, thin crust pizzas and had Jon and Livi top them. They were pretty yummy but needed some more seasoning or something. Livi had fun “bamming” the pizza toppings on! Once Livi was in bed, we finished off the bottle of red wine we had started with dinner. I had laid out a blanket, some pillows and a few candles in front of the TV so we could watch a movie and enjoy a bottle of white wine with some yummy cheeses and chocolate covered strawberries! I have to create my own romance 🙂

On Valentines day, Livi made Jon a card! We practiced writing some letters on it. I made dots for her to trace. I did help her a little bit by holding her wrist steady, but she moved her fingers by herself! It won’t be long before she can do her name all by herself!

Because Jon and I had slept so poorly the night before Jon decided to skip his Tai Chi class and come home early. He brought flowers for his girls! Livi got two perfect purple daisies. We let her take them to her bedroom too! I hope we don’t regret that in the morning. She was so cute with them and just kept going over to smell them. Jon brought me a gorgeous purple orchid. I love orchids and haven’t had one in this home yet. I’m not sure how the sun in our suite is going to do for it but I’m hoping I can keep it alive!

All in all, a pretty beautiful day! Love to you all!

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