1. I got word yesterday that our agency got our official proposal for Sofie and it is in the mail! We should get it tomorrow!!! This is a huge step forward and it actually came earlier than expected! I was told that it would that the MOJ and Hague Convention 2-3 months to get the proposal to us… we got it within a month of Bulgaria receiving our request! Just two months after we mailed it off! We should receive the original documents in the mail before the end of the week too sign and officially accept Sofie. The next step is waiting for our court date!
  2. Last weekend my sisters, bro-in-law, Jon and I did some much needed yard work in our/our mom’s yard. It isn’t completely done yet but we got all the big stuff done. We cut a bunch of over grown branches off our blue spruce in the front yard, trimmed back some juniper bushes that hadn’t been touched in years, and pulled out four overgrown junipers from the front yard. We got all this done in the rain too! It looks like a big mud pit right now but there is now some potential! It is a great start for me to get it looking nice this spring and summer with Livi (and Sofie!) running around and exploring our huge yard!
  3. Jon let his bosses know that he is interested in a advanced position. A position hasn’t been posted yet but there was a notice sent out wondering who would be interested. This would mean a raise and the opportunity to do some teaching in the field of community living! It would be pretty perfect and is the next logical step up the ladder! Governments never move quickly but we are hoping that something comes of this!
  4. We got to enjoy some good friends that we haven’t seen in almost two years over for supper last night! We got to reminisce over our college years which was a lot of fun but made me feel really old!
  5. My best friend in Winnipeg had a little baby boy on Sunday. I am so excited for her! Little Toby came in to the world almost 7 weeks early but he is doing so well! He is going to be such a little blessing. I really wish I could go out there to meet him… one day I will, if we ever have money again 🙂
  6. My Lent has been going really well. I started reading my Henri Nouwen book and am allowing myself to start speak more freely about prayer… something I am not comfortable with. I have been doing really well on the self-denial part. To be honest, I didn’t think I’d make it this far without sugar but it has been easier than I thought. I thought the beginning would be the most difficult part but I think I was wrong. I haven’t had any sugary foods except for eating what I thought was a healthy nutty, berry granola bar on day 1, only to realize later that sugar was the number 4 ingredient. I haven’t made that same mistake and have been fine with out it! I definitely have had my evening cravings but I just think of Sofie and what she is all going without! I’ve also been focusing, this week, on what God has done for me in my life. I am so blessed. No red meat and poultry has been a little more difficult than I thought. Funny how I thought the sugar would be harder than the meat. I just really need to plan all my meals better so I have all the protein I need and don’t get shaky and eat something crappy. That seems to be when I crave the sugar most too. 8 days in to Lent so far! I’ll expand on this more further in to lent I think. 
  7. Livi used the big toilet tonight without having to use a stool to step up on. I haven’t measured her in a few months but she must have grown! She is taking pride in how big she is too, saying things like “I’m growing up so big like Mommy!” or “I am big, just like Daddy! Right?” I love my little weirdo 🙂

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