Happy Birthday Sofie!


Today is Sofie’s 3rd birthday! Oh how I wish I could be giving her a birthday kiss! I wish she was home and had woken up in her own bed so I could take her birthday morning picture and show you all 🙂 Originally, we had been hoping that would be a reality, but as usual for international adoptions, there were unexpected delays.

Today is bittersweet. I’m so glad we are so close to getting to Sofie, that she is in our family even though we haven’t met her yet, and I’m so happy she has made it to her 3rd birthday! Many of her peers in special needs institutions have not. At the same time, I’m sad that she is not home having a birthday party with her family. Does she even know it is her birthday? Will she get a little cupcake, a present, even a birthday hug from a Baba? (Baba is similar to a Gramma. She is a nurturer or caregiver.) I don’t know, but I’m praying that her angel has his wings wrapped around her extra tight today.

We decided we wanted to have a little family party for Sofie even though she isn’t here yet. We ordered a cake and invited Maggy and my Mom downstairs to blow out candles 🙂 We chose a lady bug cake because of the book My Sister, Alicia May. I’ve written about it before. It is about two sisters, one of which has DS. I read it quite often to Livi. In it, there is a page about Alicia May counting the “lady dots” and her big sister says “I think God is glad someone notices these things.” Livi always counts the lady bugs that cover the insides of the covers, so I think it is just a little cute thing that I’m going to keep as a theme for my two girls.

 Blowing out the candles and sending our love and wishes to Bulgaria.
 Maggy was pretty excited for the cake 🙂

Part of me wasn’t sure I was going to post pictures about this. We are so close to getting Sofie I can almost taste it, but we haven’t past court yet. Court scares me. The judge could just say no and that would be it. She wouldn’t be ours. I don’t generally dwell on that possibility and I trust that God has his hand in this, but every once in a while that doubt or fear creeps in. I’m praying court is REALLY soon and we get through it unaffected so this fear can be put to rest. I want my baby home.

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